BIK 1401 Negotiation and negotiation skills
BIK 2003 Human Resource Management
BIK 2908 Recruitment, interview technics and newcomers´ learning processes
BIK 2911 Basic Business Economics
BIK 2926 Effective Teams - Influence Through Leadership
BIK 2930 Employment Law I
BIK 2940 Management Competence at Board Level
BIK 2941 Data-Driven Organisations
BIK 2949 Digital Innovation
BIK 2950 Transition for Sustainability
BIK 2954 Customer Experience Management
BIK 2955 Motivation and Self- Leadership
BIK 2958 Leadership in times of continuous change
BIK 3000 Data Protection and GDPR
BIK 3120 Sustainable Finance
BIK 3130 Digital Compliance
BIK 3134 Sustainable business in operations
BIK 3406 Employment Law II
BIK 6510 Project Management 3
BIK 6600 Project Management 1
BIK 6601 Project Management 2
BIN 3080 Leadership for preschool teachers
BMP 2315 Project Management
BTH 1141 Bachelor Thesis - Business Development and Digitalisation - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 1411 Bachelor Thesis - Human Resource Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 1613 Bachelor Thesis - Applied Macroeconomics - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 1704 Bachelor Thesis - Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 2412 Bachelor Thesis - International Business - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 2532 Bachelor Thesis - Project Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 3116 Bachelor Thesis - Brand Strategy - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 3203 Bachelor Thesis - Sales Management and Personal Sales - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 3211 Bachelor Thesis - Digital Marketing - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 3620 Bachelor Thesis - Business Administration
BTH 3630 Bachelor Thesis in Marketing
BTH 3668 Bachelor Thesis - Entrepreneurship - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 9503 Bachelor Thesis - Advanced Managerial Accounting and Real Investment Theory - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BTH 9743 Bachelor Thesis - Small Business Development - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BØK 1121 Finance I
BØK 3423 Finance
BØK 3430 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance
BØK 3434 Managerial Accounting and Finance - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BØK 3532 Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
BØK 3541 Managerial Accounting and Control
BØK 3551 Practical Managerial Accounting and Control
BØK 3628 Internal Control and Accounting Organisation
BØK 3651 Strategic Management Accounting
DIG 3520 Power and Persuasion in digital society
DIG 3630 E-commerce
DIG 3670 Bachelor Thesis - Digital Communication and Marketing
DRE 1011 Psychometrics and Multivariate Analysis
DRE 1020 Theorizing the Digital: Communication, Technology and Ethics
DRE 2007 Consumer Research
DRE 2012 Dynamic Marketing Models
DRE 3008 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Perspectives
DRE 4030 Research seminar in Finance II
DRE 4031 Advanced Topics in Asset Pricing
DRE 6003 Contemporary Topics in Organizational Behavior
DRE 6007 Core Issues in Research Ethics
DRE 7021 Research Ethics
DRE 7022 Research Seminar in Economics
DRE 7030 Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics
DRE 7042 Experimental Economics I
DRE 7043 Experimental Economics II
DRE 7052 Inequality and Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Policies: A Tractable Heterogeneous-Agent New Keynesian Approach
DRE 7053 Generative Models
EBA 2904 Statistics with Programming
EBA 3420 Databases
EBA 3520 AI and Data Ethics
EBA 3530 Machine Learning and Forecasting
EBA 3630 Data Driven Management Accounting
EBA 3640 Marketing Analytics
EBA 3650 Quantitative Economics
EDI 3410 Communication in Action: Dialogue and Discourse
EDI 3430 Digital Value Creation
EDI 3510 Business Information Systems
ELE 3637 Internship
ELE 3707 Social Media and Networks
ELE 3709 Project Management
ELE 3719 Mathematics Elective
ELE 3729 Applied Microeconomics
ELE 3732 Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crises
ELE 3735 Financial Accounting
ELE 3736 Real Estate Finance
ELE 3742 Market, Crises and Sustainability
ELE 3743 Personal Finance
ELE 3745 Leadership training, personal development and coaching
ELE 3750 Financial Analysis and Valuation
ELE 3763 Innovation Strategy and Technological Change
ELE 3783 Sustainable Risk Management in Value Chains
ELE 3901 Consumer Insight
ELE 3902 Multisensory Experiences
ELE 3903 Revenue Management
ELE 3907 Structured Writing for Effective Communication
ELE 3914 Sustainable Finance
ELE 3915 Excel Programming and Automation
ELE 3916 Introduction to Econometric Theory
ELE 3917 Stochastic Processes for Finance and Economics
ELE 3918 Critical Analysis and Efficient Writing
ELE 3919 Strategic Sustainable Innovation
ELE 3920 Blockchain Technology and Corporate Value Creation
EMS 3524 Real Estate Law II
EMS 3528 Real Estate Brokerage I
EMS 3618 Oral Exam for the Bachelor Program in Real Estate Studies
EMS 3623 Real Estate Brokerage III
EMS 3642 Real Estate Law III
EMS 3651 Real Estate Accountancy
EMS 3666 Real Estate Brokerage II
EMS 3670 Real Estate Development
ENT 3501 Business Development I
ENT 3604 International Entrepreneurship
ENT 3610 Leadership and Valuation of a Start-Up Company
ENT 3670 Bachelor Thesis - Entrepreneurship
ENT 3679 Innovation Consultant Work in Practice
EXC 2110 Basic Financial Management - Spring 2024
EXC 2121 International Commercial Law
EXC 2901 Norwegian Culture and History - An Introduction
EXC 2904 Statistics
EXC 2953 Organizational Behaviour and Management - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION
EXC 3402 Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations
EXC 3442 Managerial Accounting - RE-SIT-EXAMINATION
EXC 3460 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
EXC 3505 Strategy
EXC 3525 Macroeconomics
EXC 3602 International Marketing
EXC 3603 International Economics
EXC 3632 Corporate Governance
EXC 3651 Shipping Finance
EXC 3652 Port Management
EXC 3673 Corporate and Financial Risk Management
EXC 3678 Purpose-Driven Brand Management
EXC 3679 Business Continuity and Sustainability Management
FAK 2628 Insurance Law and Law of Torts
FIN 3516 Valuation
FIN 3522 Markets and Institutions
FIN 3524 International Financial Management
FIN 3616 Financial Modelling in Practice
FIN 3617 Behavioural Finance
FIN 3621 Options and Futures
GRA 1305 Economics Consulting: Cases
GRA 1970 Master thesis
GRA 2204 Judgment and Decision Making in Organisations
GRA 2206 Internship for MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology
GRA 2231 Occupational Health Psychology
GRA 2237 Counselling
GRA 2239 Responsible Leadership
GRA 2243 Research Methodology for Organisational Behaviour
GRA 2246 Managing Across Cultures
GRA 2260 Internship for MSc in Business
GRA 2261 Managing for Excellence - Generative Practices
GRA 2264 BI Flex Internship
GRA 2268 Applied Organizational Psychology: The Role as Practitioner
GRA 2270 Work Design in the Digital Age
GRA 2411 Strategic Management
GRA 2425 Change Management
GRA 3112 Negotiation and International Networks
GRA 3117 Strategy and Entrepreneurship Analytics
GRA 3136 New Venture Creation
GRA 3151 Foundations of Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship
GRA 3162 New Venture Bootcamp
GRA 3164 Developing, Organizing and Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures
GRA 3165 The Crowd, The Cloud, and Sustainable Innovation
GRA 3168 Internship for MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GRA 4136 Machine Learning for Business
GRA 4138 Business Simulation Analysis
GRA 4139 Marketing Analytics
GRA 4141 Supply Chain Analytics
GRA 4143 Visualisations and Network Theory
GRA 4144 Applying Economic Analysis
GRA 4147 Internship for Business Analytics
GRA 4149 Value Added Analytics
GRA 4150 Artificial Intelligence - Technologies and Applications
GRA 4151 Python for Data Analysis - SUMMER COURSE
GRA 4154 Supply Chain Optimization with Mathematical Programming
GRA 4158 Marketing and the Analysis of Experiments and Quasi-experiments
GRA 4159 Trends, Cycles, and Signal Extraction from a Macroeconomic Perspective
GRA 4160 Predictive Modelling with Machine Learning
GRA 4161 Internship for Data Science for Business
GRA 4162 Deep Learning and Explainable AI
GRA 6036 Data Analytics with Programming
GRA 6038 Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations
GRA 6142 Strategic Communication Management
GRA 6143 Corporate Branding and Storytelling
GRA 6144 Digital Innovation Management
GRA 6145 Human-Technology Interaction
GRA 6148 Internship for MSc in Digital Communication Management
GRA 6149 Compliance, Cybersecurity and Accountability
GRA 6220 Corporate Valuation
GRA 6221 Financial Reporting, Advanced
GRA 6223 Valuation and Fair Value Accounting
GRA 6232 Management Control
GRA 6233 Treasury Management
GRA 6238 Financial Accounting and Taxation
GRA 6240 Strategic Management for Business Control
GRA 6278 Research Methodology in Accounting and Business Control
GRA 6279 Auditing, advanced
GRA 6284 Financial and Political Risk in International Trade
GRA 6287 Internship for MSc in Law and Business
GRA 6293 Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
GRA 6296 Economic Analysis of Topics in Law
GRA 6297 Financial Reporting II
GRA 6299 Sustainability Reporting and Assurance
GRA 6409 Strategic Marketing Issues
GRA 6435 Customer Value Analytics
GRA 6437 Marketing Research
GRA 6438 Research Methodology - Marketing
GRA 6439 Research Proposal Course
GRA 6442 Internship for MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
GRA 6444 B2B Marketing
GRA 6446 Marketing for a Better World
GRA 6447 Better Business for a Better World - SUMMER COURSE
GRA 6513 Financial Risk Management
GRA 6518 Data Science for Finance
GRA 6531 Applied Portfolio Management
GRA 6538 Applied Valuation
GRA 6539 Fixed Income Securities
GRA 6541 Advanced Corporate Finance
GRA 6545 Enterprise Risk Management
GRA 6546 Financial Institutions and Crises
GRA 6547 Research Methodology in Finance
GRA 6548 Internship for Finance
GRA 6551 Quantitative Risk and Asset Management
GRA 6555 Asset Management
GRA 6556 Sustainable Finance
GRA 6563 Master Project - MSc in Quantitative Finance
GRA 6568 Corporate Value Creation, Sustainability and Social Welfare
GRA 6569 Internship for Sustainable Finance
GRA 6570 Internship for Quantitative Finance
GRA 6571 Financial Risk Management for ESG, Sustainability and Climate
GRA 6612 Analysis of Experiments and Quasi-Experiments
GRA 6631 Economic Policy
GRA 6639 Business Cycles and Monetary Policy
GRA 6648 Research Methodology - Economics
GRA 6650 Labor Markets and Personnel Economics
GRA 6651 Internship for MSc in Applied Economics
GRA 6668 Empirical Industrial Organization
GRA 6717 Purchasing and Supply Management
GRA 6718 Distribution in the Circular Economy
GRA 6721 Research Methodology for Supply Chain and Operations Management
GRA 6722 Research-Based Consulting in Supply Chains
GRA 6754 Operational Planning
GRA 6829 Strategies for Industrial Competitiveness
GRA 6832 Interorganisational Strategies
GRA 6833 Corporate & Global Strategies
GRA 6835 The Practicing Strategist
GRA 6836 Research Methodology for Strategy
GRA 6850 Digital Innovation and Society - SUMMER COURSE
GRA 8066 Managerial Economics (2024/2025)
GRA 8199 Management Accounting (2024/2025)
GRA 8222 Financial Accounting (2024/2025)
GRA 8243 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2023/2024)
GRA 8260 Personal Development Programme (2024/2025)
GRA 8268 Corporate Finance (2024/2025)
GRA 8271 Strategy Analysis and Value Creation (2024/2025)
GRA 8274 Organizational Ethics (2024/2025)
GRA 8277 Marketing (2024/2025)
GRA 8280 Digital Business Models (2023/2024 and 2024/2025)
GRA 8281 Succeeding with Sustainable Growth (2023/2024 and 2024/2025)
GRA 8283 Leading and Organizing Digitally (2023/2024)
GRA 8285 Creating and Leading Green Organizations (2023/2024)
GRA 8286 Global Business in Asia: A Focus on China (2023/2024 and 2024/2025)
GRA 8288 Consultancy Project (2023/2024)
GRA 8506 Energy Transition in a Carbon Constrained World (2023/2024)
GRA 8512 Consultancy Project (2023/2024)
GRA 8515 Leadership Development (2023/2024)
GRA 8516 Creating Value in the Future Energy Ecosystem (2023/2024)
GRA 8517 Project Evaluation, Financing and Risk Management (2023/2024)
GRA 8520 Value Creation in the Global Energy Ecosystem (2024/2025)
GRA 8521 Energy & Society (2024/2025)
GRA 8522 Decision Making & Value Optimization (2024/2025)
GRA 8525 Consultancy Project (2023/2024)
JUR 3420 Business Law
JUR 3425 Tort Law and Insurance Law
JUR 3435 Property Rights
JUR 3517 Company and Finance Law
JUR 3601 Tax and Charge
JUR 3608 Market and Public Law Regulation
JUR 3613 Labour Legislation
JUR 3624 Accountant Practice and Ethics
JUR 3631 Marketing Law and Ethics
JUR 3677 Tax and Charge Law
KLS 3402 Sustainable Event Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
KLS 3410 Cultural Economics
KLS 3553 Starting a Venture in Creative Industry
KLS 3570 Entertainment Industries
KLS 3644 Law in Creative Industries
KLS 3685 Bachelor Thesis - Creative Industries Management
KLS XX11 Cultural Economics
MAD 1214 Logistics
MAN 2969-2970 Value Added Taxation - Advanced Topics
MAN 2971-2972 Transactions and restructuring
MAN 3072 Final thesis. Executive Master of Management with specialisation in Taxation
MAN 5018 Team Management
MAN 5027 Project Management
MAN 5125 Cultural Understanding, Negotiations and Ethical Reflection
MAN 5127 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
MAN 5146 Customer and Market Analytics
MAN 5147 Leading in Digitized Workplaces
MAN 5166 Cyber Security for Leaders
MAN 5193 Sustainability in Practice
MBA 2391 Organisational Management and Control
MBA 2400 International Business
MBA 2415 Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and Beyond
MBA 2424 Corporate Finance
MBA 2425 Financial Accounting
MBA 2426 Project and Change Management
MBA 2427 Business Simulation and Global Governance - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
MBA 2429 Marketing Management
MBA 2432 Strategic Technology and Innovation Management
MBA 2434 Human Resource Management
MBA 2435 Strategic Insight from Machine Learning
MBA 2436 Managerial Economics and Decision Making
MBA 2441 Leading and Organizing Digitally
MBA 2442 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MBA 2443 Creating and Leading Green Organizations
MBA 2444 Succeeding with Sustainable Growth
MBA 2446 Intra/Entrepreneurship and New Wealth Creation
MBA 2449 Consultancy Project
MET 1190 Statistics
MET 2910 Mathematics
MET 2920 Statistics
MET 3431 Statistics
MET 3590 Method and Statistical Data Analysis
MRK 3480 Consumer Behaviour - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
MRK 3481 Consumer Psychology
MRK 3502 B2B Marketing, Sales and Negotiations
MRK 3503 Marketing Communication
MRK 3550 Cross Cultural Management
MRK 3561 Marketing Analytics
MRK 3564 Branding
MRK XX11 Consumer Behavior
NSA 2511 International Maritime Law
ORG 3403 Organisational Behavior and Leadership
ORG 3500 Group Psychology
ORG 3520 Individual Differences, Recruitment and Selection
ORG 3530 Problem Solving, Decision Making and Creativity
ORG 3540 HR Management
ORG 3610 Management and Influence
ORG 3620 Employment Law
ORG 3630 People Analytics
ORG 3641 Organisational Communication and Leadership
ORG 3650 People Insights
SLM 1006 The Digital Customer Experience
SLM 2003 Project Management
SLM 2007 Navigating in Changing Times
SLM 3006 Digital Strategy
SLM 4002 Digitization for Sustainability
SLM 4003 Sustainability and Communication
SLM 5002 Strategic Choices and Business Models
SLM 7001 Sustainable Development and Finance
SLM 8002 Sustainability and Shared Value Creation
SMC 1001 Introduction to Leadership for General Practitioners
STR 1320 Strategy II
SØK 1101 Microeconomics I - RE-SIT EXAM
SØK 1366 Macroeconomics II
SØK 3420 Economics I
SØK 3525 Macroeconomics
VHL 3660 Bachelor thesis in Retail Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

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