BIK 1401 Negotiation and negotiation skills
BIK 2902 Logistics and Marketing
BIK 2911 Basic Business Economics
BIK 2914 Coaching and Self Leadership
BIK 2930 Employment Law I
BIK 2940 Management Competence at Board Level
BIK 2941 Understanding the Digitalisation in Business
BIK 2945 Leadership. Theory and Practice
BIK 2949 Digital Innovation
BIK 2950 Sustainable Business
BIK 2951 Strategy in Practice
BIK 2953 Business Management
BIK 2958 Leadership in times of continuous change
BIK 3000 Data Protection and GDPR
BIK 3120 Sustainable Finance
BIK 3124 Money Matters
BIK 3134 Sustainable business in operations
BIK 3202 Innovation and Strategy for Leaders in Small and Medium Businesses
BIK 6510 Project Management 3
BIK 6600 Project Management 1
BIK 6601 Project Management 2
BIN 3080 Leadership for preschool teachers
BIN 3279 Consumer behavior with a focus on brand management in retail business
BMP 2303 Human Resource Management
BMP 2315 Project Management
BMP 2410 Health Care Management Skills
BMP 2500 Rhetoric, Communication and Management
BMP 2700 High Performance Leadership
BMP 2900 Innovation and Organization of Healthcare Services
BMP 2903 Production Management for the Cultural and Entertainment Industries
BST 1140 Business Development and Digitalisation
BST 1410 Sustainable HRM and Leadership
BST 1612 Applied Macroeconomics
BST 1703 Supply Chain Management - Logistics Management
BST 2412 International Business RE-SIT EXAMINATION
BST 2413 International Business
BST 2531 Project Management
BST 3115 Brand Strategy
BST 3202 Sales Management and Personal Sales
BST 3210 Digital Marketing
BST 9502 Advanced Managerial Accounting and Real Investment Theory
BST 9742 Small Business Development
BØK 1113 Managerial Accounting
BØK 1322 Finance II
BØK 3422 Managerial Accounting
BØK 3532 Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
BØK 3551 Practical Managerial Accounting and Control - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION
BØK 3632 Financial Strategy
BØK 3647 Financial Accounting
DIG 3400 Digital Transformation and Innovation
DIG 3420 Communication and Engagement
DIG 3500 Connected Communication
DIG 3600 Design of Interactive Apps
DRE 4011 Empirical Asset Pricing
DRE 4018 Introduction to Capital-Markets Research in Accounting
DRE 4022 Frontiers of Household Finance
DRE 4023 International Finance
DRE 4024 Asset Pricing Theory I
DRE 7008 Advanced Statistics
DRE 7009 Corporate Finance Theory
DRE 7017 Mathematics, Ph.D.
DRE 7022 Research Seminar in Economics
DRE 7033 Advanced Macroeconomics I
DRE 7034 Advanced Macroeconomics II
DRE 7047 Advanced Microeconomics I
DRE 7048 Advanced Microeconomics II
DRE 7049 Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling
EBA 1180 Mathematics for Data Science
EBA 2910 Mathematics for Business Analytics - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION
EBA 3400 Programming, Data Extraction and Visualisation
EBA 3500 Data Analysis with Programming
EBA 3600 Financial Technology
EBA 3610 Decision Modelling Using Spreadsheet
EDI 3400 Programming and Data Management
ELE 3637 Internship
ELE 3657 BI Internship on Exchange
ELE 3667 Internship in your own start-up company
ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3702 Social Entrepreneurship - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3704 Criminal Law and Financial Crime
ELE 3706 Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3707 Social Media and Networks
ELE 3709 Project Management
ELE 3714 Human Resource Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3716 Organization and Change - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3729 Applied Microeconomics
ELE 3732 Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crises
ELE 3736 Real Estate Finance
ELE 3742 Market, crises and sustainability
ELE 3743 Personal Finance
ELE 3744 Business Dynamics - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3745 Leadership training, personal development and coaching
ELE 3746 Tactical Marketing - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3750 Financial analysis and valuation
ELE 3766 Social Networks and Communities - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3767 Consumer Behaviour - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3775 Product and Price Strategy - RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3776 Mathematical Analysis
ELE 3778 Political communication RE-SIT EXAMINATION
ELE 3781 Mathematics - Elective
ELE 3782 Economics II
ELE 3903 Pricing decisions
ELE 3904 Communication in Action: Dialogue and Discourse
ELE 3908 Creativity and Aesthetics in Organisations
ELE 3909 Cluster Analysis for Business
ELE 3910 Global Sustainability: Climate, Environment and Poverty
ELE 3911 Introduction to Quantitative Finance
ELE 3912 Machine Learning for Business Using R
ELE 3913 Macro- and Financial Economics
EMS 3416 Law and Real Estate
EMS 3521 Real Estate Law I
EMS 3525 Real Estate Brokerage I
EMS 3630 Value-creating Advisor
EMS 3651 Real Estate Accountancy
ENT 3400 Introduction to entrepreneurship
ENT 3503 Growth Strategy for Start-Ups
ENT 3504 Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs
EXC 2110 Basic Financial Management
EXC 2122 Financial Performance Management
EXC 2901 Norwegian Culture and History - An Introduction
EXC 2910 Mathematics
EXC 3410 The Firm
EXC 3415 Marketing Management
EXC 3452 Financial Reporting and Analysis
EXC 3505 Strategy
EXC 3506 Research Methods and Econometrics
EXC 3520 Microeconomics
EXC 3603 International Economics
EXC 3611 International Finance
EXC 3612 Investment Analysis
EXC 3630 Managing International Operations
EXC 3631 International Business Environment
EXC 3650 Supply Chain Management
EXC 3670 Financial Markets and Institutions
EXC 3671 Corporate Finance
EXC 3672 Analyses of Financial Data
FAK 2602 Risk Management
FAK 2805 Compliance, Law and Ethics for the Insurance Industry
FIN 3400 Digital tools and financial analysis
FIN 3521 Corporate Finance
FIN 3523 Investments
FIN 3618 Financial Econometrics
FORK 1002 Preparatory Course in Statistics
FORK 1003 Preparatory course in Mathematics, Economics, and Econometrics
FORK 1005 Preparatory course in Mathematics for Statistics and Data Analytics
FORK 1012 Introduction to Finance
FORK 1013 Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
FORK 2200 Preparatory course in programming
GRA 1970 Master thesis
GRA 2203 Psychological Measurement and Individual Differences
GRA 2206 Internship for MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology
GRA 2207 Managing Creativity and Innovation
GRA 2235 Recruitment, Selection and Development
GRA 2237 Counselling
GRA 2245 Economic Psychology: Selected Topics
GRA 2257 Advanced Human Resource Management
GRA 2260 Internship for MSc in Business
GRA 2264 BI Flex Internship
GRA 2265 Introductory Multivariate Data Analysis
GRA 2267 Motivational Science―Creating Work Motivation and Motivating Work Environments
GRA 2416 Project Management
GRA 2418 Understanding the Consumer
GRA 2427 Building and Leading Effective Teams: Contemporary Issues
GRA 3113 Start-Up Development
GRA 3114 Pitching, Persuasion and Communication Skills
GRA 3115 International Entrepreneurship
GRA 3116 The Digital Platform - Strategy, Structure and Content
GRA 3136 New Venture Creation
GRA 3151 Foundations of Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship
GRA 3161 Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
GRA 3167 Research Methodology for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GRA 3168 Internship for MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
GRA 4110 Applied Data Analytics
GRA 4135 Decision Theory and System Dynamics
GRA 4137 Data Protection and Ethics in the Modern Business Environment
GRA 4142 Data Management and Python Programming
GRA 4145 Brand Management
GRA 4146 Consultancy Project for Business Analytics
GRA 4147 Internship for Business Analytics
GRA 4148 Research Project for Business Analytics
GRA 4152 Object Oriented Programming with Python
GRA 4153 Advanced Statistics and Alternative Data Types
GRA 4155 Microeconomics, Business Strategy and Management
GRA 4156 Accounting, Valuation and Financial Economics
GRA 4157 (Big) Data Curation, Pipelines and Management
GRA 5914 International Politics
GRA 5916 The State and the Market: Core Concepts in Political Economy
GRA 6025 Financial Management
GRA 6026 Advanced Topics in Organisation Science
GRA 6031 Microeconomics
GRA 6035 Mathematics
GRA 6038 Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations
GRA 6039 Econometrics with Programming
GRA 6140 Human-Human Interaction
GRA 6141 Methodology for Communication and Digitalization Research
GRA 6211 Financial Accounting Theory
GRA 6223 Valuation and Fair Value Accounting
GRA 6225 Financial Statement Analysis
GRA 6227 Business Optimisation
GRA 6228 Research Methods for Master of Accounting and Auditing
GRA 6231 Strategic Risk Analysis
GRA 6235 Business Analysis and Valuation
GRA 6237 Multinational Company Structures
GRA 6239 Financial Accounting and Analysis
GRA 6242 Economics of Auditing
GRA 6283 Company Law and Finance
GRA 6288 Legal Tech
GRA 6289 Financial Distress, Restructuring and Bankruptcy
GRA 6291 Mergers and Acquisitions
GRA 6292 International Corporate Finance
GRA 6294 Labour Law and Labour Economics
GRA 6419 Service Marketing
GRA 6420 Pricing Strategies: Measuring, Capturing and Retaining Value
GRA 6428 New Product Development and Service Innovation
GRA 6433 Marketing Communication
GRA 6440 Marketing Innovation Management
GRA 6442 Internship for MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
GRA 6443 Topics in Digital Marketing
GRA 6445 Introductory Data Science for Marketing
GRA 6514 Corporate Finance
GRA 6515 Quantitative Methods for Finance
GRA 6516 Economics for Finance
GRA 6534 Investments
GRA 6535 Derivatives
GRA 6540 Applied Finance
GRA 6542 Corporate Governance
GRA 6544 Financial Strategy in a Global Economy
GRA 6548 Internship for Finance
GRA 6550 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
GRA 6552 International Finance
GRA 6559 Fintech
GRA 6560 Strategic Asset Allocation
GRA 6561 Advanced Computational Methods
GRA 6562 CFA Research Challenge
GRA 6567 Global Sustainability Issues and Finance
GRA 6626 Decisions, Strategy and Information
GRA 6634 Advanced Macroeconomics
GRA 6649 International Economics
GRA 6651 Internship for MSc in Applied Economics
GRA 6664 Game Theory
GRA 6665 Environment and Sustainable Development
GRA 6666 International Macroeconomics and Finance
GRA 6669 Theoretical Industrial Organization
GRA 6670 Numerical Methods in Python with Applications
GRA 6714 Supply Chain Management
GRA 6723 Supply Chain Risk Management
GRA 6753 Operations Management
GRA 6811 Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Society
GRA 6812 Doing Business in Norway
GRA 6830 Economic and Organisational Foundations of Strategic Management
GRA 6831 Behavioural Foundations of Strategic Management
GRA 6834 Business Development & Innovation Management
GRA 6843 Doing Digital Business
GRA 6845 Causal Inference with Big Data
GRA 6849 Sustainable Strategy and Circular Economy
GRA 6851 Energy in Green Transition: Markets, Policies and Business Innovation
GRA 8159 Leadership (2022/2023)
GRA 8242 Consultancy Project (2021/2022)
GRA 8246 Strategy Process (2022/2023)
GRA 8247 Green Entrepreneurship and Systems Innovation (2022/2023)
GRA 8253 Regional Business Contexts (2022/2023)
GRA 8257 Design Thinking (2022/2023)
GRA 8263 Human Resource Management (2022/2023)
GRA 8302 Operations Management (2022/2023)
GRA 8501 Energy Economics and Leadership Challenges in Green Transitions (2022/2023)
GRA 8508 Governance of Complex Energy Projects (2022/2023)
GRA 8512 Consultancy Project (2021/2022)
GRA 8513 Energy Governance, Law, Policy & Regulations (2022/2023)
GRA 8518 The Oil Fundamentals (2022/2023)
GRA 8519 The Gas & Power Business (2022/2023)
HIS 3410 The Firm
JUR 3420 Business Law
JUR 3516 Legal methodology and contract law
JUR 3641 Business Law for Accountants
KLS 3400 Management of art and creative industry
KLS 3401 Live industries
KLS 3501 Digitalization and Technology in Creative Industry
KLS 3561 Art and Design Industries
MAN 2912-2913 Corporate and Business Taxation
MAN 3072 Final thesis. Executive Master of Management with specialisation in Taxation
MAN 5000 Corporate Financial Management
MAN 5009 Labour Legislation and Working Life
MAN 5024 Digitization, Innovation, and Business Models
MAN 5027 Project Management
MAN 5039 Persuasion and Power in a Leadership Perspective
MAN 5045 PR-Management and Strategic Communication
MAN 5051 Strategic Management
MAN 5054 Managing for excellence
MAN 5066 Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in a Corporate management perspective
MAN 5069 Teamwork and Leadership; Applied Organizational Psychology
MAN 5075 Green Growth as Competitive Advantage
MAN 5100 Analytics for Strategic Management
MAN 5106 Consultancy
MAN 5109 Strategic Human Resource Management
MAN 5112 Strategic Business Development and Innovation
MAN 5121 Security And Conflict Management
MAN 5124 Crisis Management and Logistics
MAN 5126 Organising for the Unexpected
MAN 5133 National Management training for pre-school administrators
MAN 5148 Leadership and Change Management in Schools
MAN 5157 Mindful Leadership
MAN 5159 Applied Economics for Managers - Global Perspectives
MAN 5160 Market Oriented Business Strategy
MAN 5167 Educational Leadership and Learning Environment in The Early Years Education
MAN 5170 Strategic Management and Collaboration in Healthcare
MAN 5173 Sustainable People Management
MAN 5177 Digitalisation and Leadership
MAN 5180 Leading development and change
MAN 5186 Law for Leaders
MAN 5190 Storytelling as a Strategic Tool
MAN 5191 Managing Customer Experience
MAN 5194 Responsible AI Leadership
MAN 5197 Multicultural Leadership
MBA 2391 Organisational Management and Control
MBA 2396 Operational Management
MBA 2399 Leadership Development
MBA 2407 Asian Business Trends
MBA 2420 Consultancy Project
MBA 2423 Multinational Financial Management
MBA 2425 Financial Accounting
MBA 2426 Project and Change Management
MBA 2427 Business Simulation and Global Governance
MBA 2429 Marketing Management
MBA 2430 Business Strategy
MBA 2433 Cooperative Strategy and Networks
MBA 2436 Managerial Economics and Decision Making
MBA 2437 Design Thinking for Digital Development
MBA 2438 Luxury Brand Management
MBA 2440 Entrepreneurship and Green Business Innovations
MET 1180 Mathematics
MET 1333 Econometrics
MET 2123 Methods and Insight
MET 2910 Mathematics
MRK 3414 Marketing Management
MRK 3433 Marketing Communication - RE-SIT EXAM
MRK 3503 Marketing Communication
MRK 3512 Sustainable marketing
MRK 3521 Distribution
MRK 3544 Global Economy
MRK 3550 Cross Cultural Management
MRK 3633 Service and Innovation
MRK 3634 Innovation
NSA 2510 Marine Insurance
NSA 2512 Organizing the Shipowning Entity
NSA 2521 Shipping Management
ORG 1211 Organizational Theory and HRM
ORG 2000 Leadership in Action - Final Bachelor Program in Leadership
ORG 2800 Change Oriented Management, Team and Coaching
ORG 3402 Psychology, Organization and Leadership
ORG 3410 Stress, Motivation and Self-Leadership
ORG 3530 Problem solving, decision making and creativity
ORG 3600 Organization Theory
SLM 1001 The digital transformation
SLM 1002 Digital Business Strategy
SLM 1003 Digital Communication and Social Networks
SLM 2001 Project Concept and Project Establishment
SLM 2002 Project Planning and Project Organisation
SLM 2003 Project Management
SLM 2007 Navigating in Changing Times
SLM 2008 Developing capacity for change
SLM 2009 Creating Meaning for Change
SLM 4001 Sustainability as Competitiveness
SLM 4002 Sustainable business models and green innovations
SLM 4003 Sustainable marketing and communication
SLM 5001 Strategic Analysis
SLM 5002 Strategic Choices and Business Models
SLM 5003 Strategic Implementation
SLM 6010 Financial Management
SLM 6011 Treasury Management
SLM 6012 Management Control
SLM 7001 Sustainable Development and Finance
SLM 7002 Sustainabilty in the Corporate
SLM 7003 Financing sustainabilty
SLM 8001 Sustainability Basics
SLM 8002 Sustainability and Shared Value Creation
SLM 8003 Circular Economy and New Opportunities
SMC 1001 Introduction to Leadership for General Practitioners
SPÅ 2901 Business Communication - Culture and Ethics
SPÅ 2902 Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations
STR 1301 Strategy I
STR 3605 Strategy
SØK 1201 Macroeconomics I
SØK 1344 Microeconomics II
SØK 3442 Economics
SØK 3520 Microeconomics
VHL 3682 Value-creating sales - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

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