SLM 4002 Sustainable business models and green innovations

SLM 4002 Sustainable business models and green innovations

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SLM 4002
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Cecilie Staude
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Bærekraftige forretningsmodeller og grønne innovasjoner
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Executive - Short Learning Modules
2022 Autumn
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One semester

The global sustainability problem intervenes in business in all sectors. In this course, we look at why the sustainability challenges are relevant to the CFO role and that these become an integral part of companies' overall strategy and management. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of sustainable business models and the design of green strategies for increased value creation and profitability through green growth and green innovation.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

After completing the course, students will;

Have knowledge of how international goals and requirements for green growth affect business models, strategy and business management
Master a strategic model for the transition to green growth

Learning outcomes - Skills

After the applied course, students must:

Master a strategic model for restructuring green growth and be able to apply theory for innovation of smart ideas / business models in one's own business.

General Competence

After completing the course, students should:

Be able to communicate and discuss relevant professional issues regarding green growth in one's own business.

Course content

Course content:

- Sustainable value chains

- Green strategy

- Green innovation

Teaching and learning activities

The course is delivered 100% online and consists of webinars and other digital learning elements, such as teaching recordings, podcasts and video clips.


The bibliography for the course BIK 2950 Sustainability as a competitive advantage can be found here. See also the reading plan in the learning portal and additional information:


In all BI Executive courses and programs, there is a mutual requirement for the student and the course responsible regarding the involvement of the student's experience in the planning and implementation of courses, modules and programmes. This means that the student has the right and duty to get involved with their own knowledge and practice relevance, through the active sharing of their relevant experience and knowledge.

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Additional information

The course is part of the SLM course series, Sustainability as a competitive advantage, which consists of the SLM courses SLM 4001 Sustainability as competitiveness, SLM 4002 Sustainable business models and green innovotions, and SLM 4003 Sustainable marketing and communication. The courses are based on the course BIK 2950 Sustainability as a competitive advantage, 7.5 ECTS. If you have completed three courses from the same SLM course series, and meet the admission requirements for taking an exam at BI, you can take an exam within that course series, which gives a total of 7.5 credits.

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