Student Handbook 2011/2012

Master of Science in Business and Economics: Marketing 2010 - 2012

MSc Business and Economics The MSc in Business and Economics is a two-year full time graduate programme, admitting students with a bachelor’s degree in business administration related fields. Proven skills in the use of mathematics and statistics are prerequisites for entry to the programme.

Learning outcomes Knowledge Students in the MSc Business and Economics will acquire general management skills founded on solid knowledge of several disciplines of business, critical thinking and effective communication. The core fields of business such as financial economics, economics, marketing, management, strategy, accounting, auditing and tax are all represented by majors in the programme, and students will be able to apply theoretical frameworks within several of these disciplines to real life business problems.

Skills Students will

be able to use quantitative methods in statistics and mathematics in the analysis of business relevant topics have general skills in ethical thinking and be able to identify ethical aspects within the core fields of business be effective communicator – both orally and written have a solid theoretical understanding of a core fields of business, with proven ability to apply in the study real life business problems be able to take advantage of several disciplines in the study of business and management relevant topics

Reflection Students are aware of conflicting interest involved in decisions-making – both in politics and management, and being trained in identifying relevant ethical dilemmas in the management of business.

1. semester:
2. semester:
3. semester:
GRA 1900 - Master Thesis
4. semester:
GRA 1900 - Master Thesis

BI reserves the right to make changes or alterations in the course portfolio. Students need to check the prerequisites for courses and are asked to read the course descriptions carefully.

Students majoring in Marketing may choose ONE of the following courses: GRA 6420 - Pricing Strategies GRA 6417 - Customer Relationship Management GRA 6428 - New Product Development and Service Innovation GRA 6433 - Theories and Methods in Marketing Communication GRA 6436 Managing Business-to-Business Relationships - will not be offered in the autumn 2011 and is replaced GRA 6426 International Marketing Management A minor in marketing must include the following courses: GRA 6419 Service Marketing since GRA 6436 Managing Business-to-Business Relationships is cancelled autumn 2011. GRA 4145 - Brand Management GRA 2418 - Understanding the Consumer MSc in Business and Economics degree requirements: 5 core courses 30 ECTS 6-7 courses in the major 36-42 ECTS 3-4 courses in a minor or free electives 18-24 ECTS Thesis 30 ECTS International Opportunities

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