STR 3605 Strategy

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STR 3605 Strategy

Responsible for the course
Erik Wilberg, Anna Rene Svärd Sundberg

Department of Strategy

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course gives an introduction to strategic perspectives and analyses. Throughout the course students will gain insight in strategic methods and develop an understanding of strategic thinking. The work requires a broad understanding of management and economics and will contribute to a completion of a bachelor program.

Learning outcome
Acquired Knowledge
The course will provide the students with a good understanding of strategic challenges, and be able to identify and analyze which elements are core in the ability of a firm to create strategic value. Students will learn about problems and methods connected with development in different kinds of organizations, small as well as large ones, and in different industries. They will get an understanding of how strategy integrates different knowledge areas, such as business economics, logistics, organization theory and marketing. The course focus on decision making and the use of practical tools in situations with conflicting objectives.

Acquired Skills
The students will be able to identify and understand the key challenges of a firm, and point out which elements are key in a company's value creation.Students should be able to structure a strategic decision and identify vision and mission statements as well as perform a strategy analysis. They should also be able to identify and discuss implementation issues and and point out management issues between strategy and structure.

The students will develop an awareness of the importance of corporate responsibility and how ethics, stakeholder values and value creation connect.

Basic course at the first two years of the bachelor program.

Compulsory reading
Øystein D. Fjeldstad og Randi Lunnan (red). 2014. Strategi. 1. Fagbokforlaget. 255/15

Collection of articles:
Erik Wilberg. Utvalgte artikler til STR 3605 Strategi. Publiseres på Itslearning

Recommended reading
Arne Krokan. 2015. Det friksjonsfrie samfunn. Cappelen Damm

Course outline

  • Introducing strategy
  • Basic value creation
  • Resources
  • Activities
  • External analysis
  • Vision and business idea - future possibilities
  • Strategic choices
  • Implementation
  • Strategic organisation
  • Corporate strategy, alliances, mergers and acquisitions
  • International strategy

Computer-based tools
No special computer-based tools are used in this course course.

Learning process and workload
The lectures take place in plenary and consists of lectures, discussions, project work, student presentations and guidance in connection with the project. Students will work individually or in groups of maximum 3.

Submission of proposed project on relevant learning platform in groups of maximum 3 students.
Recommended use of hours:
Attending lectures
Project proposal
Information retrieval
Reading litterature
Group work
Analysis of decision problem
Writing the term paper
Total recommended use of time

In course delivery as online courses or evening classes, will lecturer, in collaboration with the Academic Services Network and evening studies, organize an appropriate combination of digital and class room teaching. Online students are also offered a study guide, which will help progression and overview. Total recommended amount of time for completion of the course also applies here.

The final grade in the course will be given on the basis of the following parts and weightings:

Part 1 - Project paper, counts for 60% of final grade
The assignment will be handed out at the beginning of the semester and can be completed individually or in groups of up to three students. Submission by the end of the semester.

Part 2 - One hour individual multiple choice examination, counts 40% of final grade
The individual multiple choice exam will be held towards the end of the semester.

Both parts must be passed to obtain final grade.

Examination code(s)
STR 36051 - Project paper - counts 60 % to obtain final grade in STR 3605 Strategy, 7,5 credits
STR 36052 - Multiple choice exam - counts 40 % to obtain final grade in STR 3605 Strategy, 7,5 credits

Examination support materials
All support materials allowed. At the mutiple choice exam a billingual dictionary is allowed.

Re-sit examination
Re-sit examiniation is offered each semester.

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