EMS 3416 Law and Real Estate

Norwegian version

EMS 3416 Law and Real Estate

Responsible for the course
Thorunn Falkanger, Paul H Fjeldheim

Department of Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course is an introduction to the most important business law topics, law of real estate agents and real estate practice.
The economic consequences of a lack of legal knowledge, for example in contract law or tort law, could be significant. The course focuses primarily on the real estate profession and are thus particularly adapted Real Estate Studies.

Learning outcome
Acquired Knowledge
The students will during the course acquire basic knowledge about the legal framework of importance especially for property businesses.

Acquired Skills
Students will be able to explain legal responsibilities and liabilities in the real estate business. They should be able to identify legal issues and be able to undertake an analysis of a problem complex rooted in legal sources.

Students will learn the gray area that lies outside the clearly defined rules and the ethical principles established by legal standards in legislation, as well as have an awareness of how this can be handled in practice.

No particular prerequisites.

Compulsory reading
Bråthen, Tore og Margrethe Røse Solli, red. Lærebok i praktisk eiendomsmegling, Del 1. Siste utg. Norges Eiendomsmeglerforbund. Kapittel 2, 6, 9, 10, 11,12 og 13
Edvardsen, Knut Ivar ... [et al.]. 2009. Boligkjøperboka : undersøk boligen før du kjøper. SINTEF Byggforsk. Del 1 og s.160-175
Håndbok for Norges eiendomsmeglerforbund. Siste utg. Norges eiendomsmeglerforbunds servicekontor. Sidene om Finanstilsynet under Faglig del og hele kapittel om Markedsføring
Langfeldt, Sverre Faafeng og Tore Bråthen. Lov og rett for næringslivet. Siste utg. Universitetsforlaget : Focus Forlag. kap. 1, 5, (6.1 - 6.6) og 10
Norges lover ... : 1687-2014. 2015. Fagbokforlaget Vigmostad & Bjørke

Recommended reading

Course outline

  • Overview of sources of law and legal method
  • Contract law
  • Purchase rights
  • torts
  • Real Estate Law
  • Forms of ownership
  • Practical real estate brokerage, including sales task, presentation and building techniques.

Computer-based tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

Learning process and workload
The course consists of 40 hours, in which 34 hours are lectures and 6 hours are devoted case and assignments.

Students will work with smaller case or assignments associated with each topic and these are reviewed in plenary. This form of teaching requires that the students before each lecture have studied the syllabus and the law for each topic. It is assumed that the support material and especially the laws are brought to class, and that students become familiar with them while studying the various topics. Essentially, only central issues in the curriculum will be discussed in class. Parts of the syllabus must be studied on its own (self-study). Distribution of the various topics, accompanying the common elements and special topic, will be apparent from a lecture plan.

Students will have the opportunity to submit written work for correction and feedback.

Use of hours
Participation in lectures
Assignments in class
Preparation for lectures
Self-study / reading literature
Case work / assignments
Recommended use of hours in total

    A five hours written examiniation concludes the course.
    Examination code(s)
    EMS 34161 - Written examiniation, counts 100 % to obtain final grade in the course EMS 3416 Law and Real Estate, 7.5 credtis..

    Examination support materials
    Norwegian laws or another printed body of laws, reprints of laws and regulations, legal texts, draft (text only). Ethical rules for Association of Real Estate. The students are required to acquire and use the latest edition of relevant laws and regulations.
    Use of support materials at written examinations are explained under exam information on @BI. Add note use of calculator. https://at.bi.no/NO/Pages/Exa_Hjelpemidler-til-eksamen.aspx

    Re-sit examination
    Re-sit is offered every term.

    Additional information
    This course meets the qualification requirement for assistants to responsible broker ref. Law on real estate § 4-4 Assistants to responsible broker, 1st paragraph and Regulations relating to real estate § 4-9 An assistant exam, 1st paragraph.