ELE 3709 Project Management


ELE 3709 Project Management

Responsible for the course
Jan Terje Karlsen

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course will give an introduction to project management. The students will be given an understanding of what a project is and a foundation for planning, organizing and controlling projects. The course will further develop the students’ knowledge about the problems of project work and will, by the help of theory and practical examples, show how to plan, organize, manage and control a project to achieve the goals set.

Please note!
This course overlaps with a group of subjects in the Norwegian course "Prosjektledelse" (7,5 credits) and the specialization course "Project Management" (15 credits). Consequently a combination of these courses can not be approved in a Bachelor's degree.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
During the course student shall:

  • Obtain knowledge about how to start, plan, organize, manage risk, manage stakeholders, follow up, and terminate a project.
  • Understand the role of projects in developing a private or public organization.
  • Be familiar with project management language, processes, techniques and methods.
  • Understand that there are many different types of projects, which may be treated differently.

Acquired skills
After comleted course students:
  • Will be able to use several project management tools and techniques, for example: milestone planning, network planning, risk analysis and stakeholder analysis.
  • Eill be able to take an active part in projects.

The students should be able to reflect on the ethical problems associated with the organization of projects. Further the students will be able to understand what it means to participate in a project team and show respect for other team members’ knowledge, opinions, roles and personality.

Completed 1st year of bachelor's programme or equivalent.

Compulsory reading
Andersen, Erling S., Kristoffer V. Grude, Tor Haug. 2009. Goal directed project management : effective techniques and strategies. 4th ed. Kogan Page

Collection of articles:
Karlsen, J.T. Collection of articles for ELE 3709 Project Management. Handelshøyskolen BI. Will be composed later

Recommended reading
Jessen, Svein Arne. 2010. Project leadership - step by step. BookBooN.com. Can be downloaded free from http://bookboon.com

Course outline
  • What is a project and project work
  • Strategy and project management
  • Selection and defining the project
  • Time planning
  • Cost and quality planning
  • Organizational structures and teamwork
  • Risk management||
  • Project leadership and management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project control
  • Scope management
  • Contract administration
  • Project completion and success evaluation

Computer-based tools
The students will use Microsoft Project

Learning process and workload
The course consists of lectures, casestudies, discussions and self-tuition. Reading the syllabus and taking part in casestudies and discussions are mandatory.

Recommended workload in hours
Reading literature
Case studies, exercises
Work on Microsoft Project
Total recommended use of time

    A four-hour individual written examination concludes the course.
    Examination code(s)
    ELE 37091 - Written exam, counts for 100% towards the total grade in the course ELE 3709 Project Management Basic, 7,5 credits.

    Examination support materials
    BI approved exam calculator. Examination support materials at written examinations are explained under examination information in the student portal @bi. Please note use of calculator and dictionary in the section on support materials (https://at.bi.no/EN/Pages/Exa_Hjelpemidler-til-eksamen.aspx).

    Re-sit examination
    For electives re-sit is normally offered at the next scheduled course. If an elective is discontinued or is not initiated in the semester it is offered, re-sit will be offered in the electives ordinary semester.

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