SLM 1006 The Digital Customer Experience

SLM 1006 The Digital Customer Experience

SLM 1006
Anders Gustafsson
Carlos Velasco
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The Digital Customer Experience
Executive Short Learning Modules
2021 Høst
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Ett semester

Digital technologies have changed the way in which consumers and brands interface and interact. The constant and rapid evolution of digital environments, as well as the growing availability of tools for brands to engage and interact with their customers, have created multiple opportunities and challenges for firms associated with the way in which they understand consumers, brand touchpoints and user/customer experiences, integrated marketing communications, and market orientation, among others. 

This course introduces digital marketing and approaches such opportunities and challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective, involving marketing, psychology, and human-computer interaction (HCI). This approach will allow the participants to learn concepts and tools to understand how customers perceive, judge, and behave toward brands. In addition, it will provide them with concepts and tools to derive data-based consumer insights for brand experience design and to develop novel interactions by means of digital interfaces.


Understand the customer experience in a changing landscape of digital marketing
Understand and conceptualize multisensory experiences in offline, online, and mixed reality (offline and online) environments.
Introduction to human-computer interaction design


Understand and manage customer experiences and journeys in digital platforms
Utilize metrics that facilitate customer-based marketing strategies
Plan, develop, and implement multisensory experience prototypes for digital and mixed reality environments
Utilize interaction design methods from human-customer interaction 

Generell kompetanse

Digital and mixed reality customer journey analysis and development.
Multisensory experience design along the reality-virtuality continuum.

Kursets innhold

1. Introduction to customer experiences in the context of digital marketing
2. Digital multisensory marketing: The changing landscape of brand touchpoints
3. Introduction to interaction design
4. Final reflections around marketing organization considering digital environments

Undervisnings- og læringsaktiviteter

The course is 100% web based. The teaching takes place online and consists of webinars and other digital learning elements, such as educational recordings, podcasts and video clips.

The list of literature for the course BIK 2954 Customer Experience Management can be found here. See also the curriculum in the learning portal and additional information


In all BI Executive courses and programs, there is a mutual requirement for the student and the course responsible regarding the involvement of the student's experience in the planning and implementation of courses, modules and programmes. This means that the student has the right and duty to get involved with their own knowledge and practice relevance, through the active sharing of their relevant experience and knowledge.

Dataverktøy definert under punktet "Undervisnings- og læringsaktiviteter".

Kurset er en del av SLM-kursserien, Customer Experience Management, som består av består av SLM-kursene SLM 1004 Introduction to Customer Experience Management, SLM 1005 Measuring Customer Experiences, og SLM 1006 The Digital Customer Experience. Kursene er basert på kurset BIK 2954 Customer Experience Management, 7,5 ECTS. Dersom du har gjennomført tre kurs fra samme SLM-kursserie, og oppfyller opptakskravene for å ta eksamen på BI, kan du avlegge en eksamen innen den kursserien, som totalt gir 7,5 studiepoeng.

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