SPÅ 2912 Business communication in German - Oral - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

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SPÅ 2912 Business communication in German - Oral - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Bente Messel

Department of Communication and Culture

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course is an introduction to oral communication in German in a professional setting. It focusses on business issues and oral activities.

Learning outcome

    Acquired knowledge
    The students should
    • Learn some strategies for conversations and talks in countries where German is spoken
    • Get to know German business life and corporate culture
    • Become familiar with some tasks in business life and business communication
    • Be able to discuss some ethical and cultural dilemmas in business life

    Acquired skills
    The students should be able
    • To use strategies in conversations and talks in German
    • Develop skills in German to participate actively in talks, discussions and negotiations
    • Develop strategies and use and evaluate presentations

    Developed reflection
    The students should
    • Develop the ability to cooperate based on knowledge and language skills
    • Develop the ability to reflect on attitudes in Norwegian and German business life
    • Develop the ability set aims and obtain results

German from upper secondary school or equivalent.

Compulsory reading
Eismann, Volker. 2008. Wirtschaftskommunikation Deutsch. Langenscheidt
Frønsdal, Harald. 2000. Tysk grammatikk med øvinger. 5. utg. Cappelen akademisk forlag

Recommended reading

Aske, Stian. 2005. Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation Norwegen - Deutschland : eine Pilotstudie. Masteroppgave i tysk - Universitetet i Bergen. UiB. 140 sider. Gratis elektronisk: https://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/1245

Course outline
  • Contracts, sale, marketing, product policy, opening of new markets
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Talks, discussions, negotiations
  • Presentations

Computer-based tools
Internet, It's learning, Power Point

Learning process and workload
The course comprises 45 hours of classroom teaching (survey, transfer of knowledge), but mainly discussions in groups (exercises, practical work) and presentations (preparation for and performing presentations).
The students ought to make 3 presentations.
To be prepared for the teaching activities the student should follow the detailed progress plan that will be presented.

Activity Use of hours
Classroom learning
Preparation for class
Preparation for presentations
Self-study and study groups
Preparation for the examination
Total recommended use of hours

    The oral exam (20 minutes) consists of two sections that are weighted equally. Candidates must achieve a passing grade in both sections to pass the exam. The two parts of the exam consist of:
    1) An oral PowerPoint presentation (6 minutes). The subject should be coordinated with the lecturer.
    2) Discussions about one or more subjects from the syllabus or cases by drawing lots

    Examination code(s)
    SPÅ 29121 - Oral examination accounts for 100% of the final grade in the course SPÅ 2912, 7,5 ECTS credits.

    Examination support materials

    Re-sit examination
    Re-sit exam will be offered autumn 2016 and last time spring 2017.

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