PRK 3663 Strategic media planning - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

PRK 3663 Strategic media planning - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Course code: 
PRK 3663
Communication and Culture
Course coordinator: 
Mona Kristin Solvoll
Course name in Norwegian: 
Strategisk medieplanlegging - KONTINUASJONSEKSAMEN
Product category: 
Bachelor of Communication Management - Programme Course
2021 Autumn
Active status: 
Re-sit exam
Level of study: 
Resit exam semesters: 
2021 Autumn
2022 Spring
Resit exam info

Det tilbys kontinuasjonseksamen høsten 2021 og siste gang våren 2022.

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Course type: 
One semester

Media planning is the task of a media or communication agency. A media planner's job is to find the best combination of media platforms to achieve the communication objectives.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

The students should gain a holistic understanding of strategic media planning that includes both PR and market communication perspectives.

  • Students will demonstrate analytical knowledge about the media landscape
  • Students will be able to compare and evaluate different media platforms (paid, owned and earned) and how these interact
  • Students should be able to describe and evaluate the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of media channels
  • Students will gain an understanding of how media works, their functions and how they can be used
  • Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of media consumption
Learning outcomes - Skills
  • Students will be able to define communication goals, target groups and media channels
  • Students will be able to report and explain choice of media channels
  • Students will be able to explain the role of different media platforms in a media plan
General Competence
  • Students will have demonstrated an attitude of respect for the law and for society
  • Appreciation of ethical behavior
  • Intellectual curiosity in terms of emerging technologies
Course content
  • Communication plan: The five steps of media planning
  • Media use
  • Target groups
  • Goals and effects
  • Communication idea
  • Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of media channels
  • Insights
  • Mobile marketing, apps, SEO and the use of social media
Teaching and learning activities

The course will include both traditional lectures and group works.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.
Additional information

Gallup PC and IPSOS MMI.


Higher Education Entrance Qualification


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be deviations in teaching and learning activities as well as exams, compared with what is described in this course description.

Required prerequisite knowledge

Kurset bygger på basiskurs fra de første årene av bachelorstudiet.

Exam categoryWeightInvigilationDurationGroupingComment exam
Exam category:
Form of assessment:
Written submission
Exam code:
PRK 36631
Grading scale:
Grading rules:
Internal examiner with external supervisor
Examination every semester
100No1 Week(s)Group/Individual (1 - 3)
Exam category:Submission
Form of assessment:Written submission
Grouping (size):Group/Individual (1-3)
Duration:1 Week(s)
Exam code: PRK 36631
Grading scale:ECTS
Resit:Examination every semester
Type of Assessment: 
Ordinary examination
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Student workload
36 Hour(s)
Prepare for teaching
70 Hour(s)
Student's own work with learning resources
64 Hour(s)
30 Hour(s)
Sum workload: 

A course of 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 26-30 hours. Therefore a course of 7,5 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of at least 200 hours.