PRK 3663 Strategic media planning

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PRK 3663 Strategic media planning

Responsible for the course
Mona K Solvoll

Department of Communication and Culture

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

Media planning is the task of a media agency or a communication agency. A media planner’s job is to find the best combination of media platforms to achieve the PR and market communication objectives.

Learning outcome
The students should gain a holistic understanding of strategic media planning that include both PR and market communication perspectives.

Knowledge outcome
- Students will demonstrate analytical knowledge about the media landscape
- Students will be able to compare and evaluate different media platforms (paid, owned and earned) and how these interact
- Students will synthesis and evaluate the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of media channels
- Students will understand how media works, their functions and role in media planning
- Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of media consumption

Skills outcome
- Students will be able to define communication goal, target groups and media channels
- Students will be able to report and explain choice of media channels
- Students will be able to explain the role of different media platforms in a media plan

- Students will have demonstrated attitudes of respect for the law and society
- Appreciation of ethical behavior
- Intellectual curiosity in terms of emerging technologies


Compulsory reading
Bonvik, Øystein. 2012. Få som fortjent : troverdig oppmerksomhet i kanaler du ikke kontrollerer. Fagbokforlaget. 1, 2 og 10
Larsen, Svein og Mona K. Solvoll. 2012. Medieplanlegging. Fagbokforlaget. 276 s

Collection of articles:
Mona Solvoll. 2015. Artikkelsamling i Strategisk medieplanlegging. Et utvalg artikler som dekker mobil som mediekanal, "content marketing" og "perfomance marketing" (søk). Oversikt over artikler vil bli lagt på Itslearning ved kursstart.

Recommended reading
Anthony Young. 2014. Brand Media Strategy - Integrated communications planning in the digital era. 1. Palgrave. Lettlest og aktuell

Course outline
- Communication plan: Strategies and tactics
- Integrated communication: PR and market communication
- The five steps of media planning
- Media use
- Target groups
- Goals and effects
- Communication idea
- Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of media channels
- Insights
- Evaluation and budgeting

Computer-based tools
Gallup PC and IPSOS MMI.

Learning process and workload
The course will include both traditional lectures and group works.

A written hand-in product and an oral presentation. The students must hand-in a 5-6 pages long written analysis of a given subject. I the analysis the students must use minimum five sources (at least 1 book and 2 academic articles). In addition, the students will give a 7-9 minutes long presentation of the analysis for the class. The students can work on their own or in groups of max 3 students for the hand-in and the presentation.

Class participation
Prepare for class/ read literature
Prepare for the presentation

    A two- weeks term-paperr, individual or in groups of three (3) students. Accounts for 100 % of the grade.
    Examination code(s)
    PRK 36631 – Termpaper, counts100 % towards the grade in the course PRK 3663 Strategic media planning, 7,5 ECTS credits.

    Examination support materials
    All support materials are allowed.

    Re-sit examination
    Re-sit examination is offered every term.

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