3rd year - Electives 2017/2018

For elective courses in the spring semester 2018 elections take place electronically in December 2017. A minimum number of students is required in order to start up. Possible electives in spring term 2018 are:

Course code Course name International Business Shipping Finance
ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship X X X
ELE 3706 Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders X X X
ELE 3710 Business and Professional Ethics X X X
ELE 3732 Financial bubbles, crashes and crises X X X
ELE 3736 Real Estate Finance X X X
ELE 3763 Innovation Strategy and Technological Change X X X
ELE 3766 Social Networks and Communities X X X
ELE 3768 Global Strategies for Emerging Markets X X X
ELE 3769 Cross Cultural Management X X X
ELE 3771 Purchasing X X X
ELE 3773 Service Marketing X X X
ELE 3777 Branding X X X
EXC 3602 International Marketing   X X
EXC 3603 International Economics   X X
FIN 3516 Financial Statement Analysis     X
FIN 3616 Financial Decision making with Excel     X
FIN 3617 Behavioural Finance     X

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