2nd year - Electives

​Students must choose which elective course they want within in July 2015. This choice is done online in the individual programme curriculum. Space allocation is subject to a minimum number of participants having chosen the course. 

Allocation PrinciplesIn some cases there may be competition for seats at the most popular courses. If this happens, the students with the best results from fall semester 2015 will be given priority.

It is an option not to choose elective courses. This may be appropriate for students who plan to go back to courses from previous semesters, or for other reasons wish to postpone a course. Students who do not make choices by the deadline may get a reminder from their campus administration. Students who have forgotten to choose elective courses, may choose any course with available seats. Students for whom this is relevant must contact the administration after August 10th.

Some courses require prerequisites and it is also a requirement that one should not choose courses that overlap with core and programme courses included in the syllabus. These courses are offered autumn 2015: 

Course code Course name Credits Autumn
ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7,5 X
ELE 3702 Social Entrepreneurship 7,5 X
ELE 3705 Reputation and Corporate Communication 7,5 X
ELE 3706 Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders 7,5 X
ELE 3709 Project Management 7,5 X
ELE 3715 Logistics and Marketing Channels 7,5 X
ELE 3716 Organization and Change 7,5 X
ELE 3718 Media Economics 7,5 X
ELE 3732 Financial bubbles, crashes and crises 7,5 X
ELE 3736 Real Estate Finance 7,5 X
ELE 3744 Business Dynamics 7,5 X
ELE 3766 Social Networks and Communities 7,5 X
ELE 3767 Consumer Behaviour 7,5 X
ELE 3775 Product and Price Strategy 7,5 X
SPÅ 2902 Business Communication in English - Effective Negotiations and Presentations (Oral) 7,5 X
SPÅ 2911 Business Communication in German - written 7,5 X
SPÅ 2921 Business Communication in French - written 7,5 X
SPÅ 2931 Business Communication in Spanich - written 7,5 X

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