Programme Content, full-time

​The academic year 2015/2016

The Programme Content describes normal progression for each year.

First year full-time, two semesters

Course code Course name Credits Autumn Spring
EXC 3410 The Firm - Introduction Course 7,5 X  
EXC 3415 Marketing Management 7,5 X  
EXC 3442 Managerial Accounting 7,5 X  
SPÅ 2901 Business Communication in English - Written Intercultural and Ethical Awareness 7,5 X  
EXC 2910 Mathematics (Two semesters) 7,5 X X
EXC 2904 Statistics 7,5   X
EXC 2953 Organizational Behaviour and Management 7,5   X
EXC 3452 Financial Reporting and Analysis 7,5   X

Second year full-time, two semesters 

Course code Course name Credits Autumn Spring
EXC 2110 Basic Financial Management 7,5 X  
EXC 3506 Research Methods and Econometrics 7,5 X  
EXC 3520 Microeconomics 7,5 X  
  *Elective 1 7,5 X  
EXC 2121 International Commercial Law 7,5   X
EXC 2122 Strategic Management Accounting 7,5   X
EXC 3505 Strategy 7,5   X
EXC 3525 Macroeconomics 7,5   X

*View the range of elective courses available in the right column.

  Third year full-time, two semesters

In the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration Programme three specialisations of 60 credits are offered. The three specialisations are International Business, Finance and Shipping. See the right column for more information of each Specialisation.

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