Business Administration (Engelsk)

Learning Outcomes

​The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year-full time program where the students will attain a solid first degree in international business administration.

The students will upon completion of the program have knowledge about different aspects of international business management in a cultural, behavioural, theoretical and practical context. Through the Norwegian learning environment, the students will obtain specific knowledge about different aspects of business management from a Scandinavian  perspective. During the last year of the program, students can choose between different majors (60 ECTS) from which they can further delevop within different aspects of business administration. These different majors are International Business, Finance, and Shipping Management. Through these different majors, the students have the ability to get a thourough understanding of a specific global industry (maritime industry), how the highly international market of finance operate, or different aspects on developing and running of multinational companies.

After finishing the program, students may pursue a career in international businesses, or they may use the bachelor degree as basis for master studies within a wide range of different aspects of business to which they have been introduced to. The program is taught entirely in English, and the student population is highly international and culturally diversed.

Acquired KnowledgeThe BBA program give students basic knowledge in business management in an international context. The theoretical platform used  to identify and analyse complex international business issues is attained through a thorough introduction to subjects such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing and quantitative methods. Knowledge of behavioural, cultural and ethical aspects of international businesses operation and communication is aquired through organisational- leadership- and communication based courses.

Acquired skillsThrough the BBA program, students are prepared for a career in an increasingly global environment, as they will  build up an overall understanding of how  international business operations are conducted. Through projects, cases, discussions, presentations both in writing and orally, and the possibility for internship, the students have to apply theoretical knowledge to practical business situations. 

ReflectionThe BBA program encompasses a wide range of decisions which global managers will invariably face. After completing the program, students will be able to appreciate and critically evaluate consequenses of key decisions made within a profitability and ethical perspective.

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