3rd year - New 2015/2016

​​​The curriculum describes normal progression for each year.

As from and including the academic year 2015/2016, three specialisations of 60 credits in third year of the Bachelor of Business Administraion Programme will be offered. The three specialisations are International Business, Shipping and Finance.

Within the Specialisation in International Business, it will be possible to apply for exchange to other universities abroad in the 6th semester, 30 credits. Alternatively you can apply for internship in the 6th semester, 15 credits. Internship will be instead of other elective courses, and will be offered for all three specialisations.

Note that the list of electives may be changed before the fall semester 2015.

The final Programme description and links to course descriptions will be posted here on this web site in mid June 2015. (The links to course descriptions on this page are applicable for the academic year 2014/2015).

International Business

Course code Course name Credits Autumn Spring
EXC 3630 Managing International Operations 7,5 X  
EXC 3631 International Business Environment 7,5 X  
EXC 3603 International Economics 7,5 X  
EXC 3611 International  Finance 7,5 X  
EXC 3632 Corporate Governance 7,5   X
EXC 3602 International Marketing 7,5   X
Elective 2 7,5   X
Elective 3 7,5   X


Shipping Management

Course code Course name Credits Autumn Spring
NSA 2511 International Maritime Law 7,5 X  
NSA 2512 Organising the Shipowning Entity 7,5 X  
NSA 2521 Shipping Management 7,5 X  
EXC 3650 Supply Chain Management 7,5 X  
EXC 3651 Shipping Finance 7,5   X
EXC 3652 Port Management 7,5   X
Elective 2 7,5   X
Elective 3 7,5   X


Course code Course name Credits Autumn Spring
EXC 3670 Financial Markets and Institutions 7,5 X  
EXC 3671 Corporate Finance 7,5 X  
EXC 3672 Analyses of Financial Data 7,5 X  
FIN 3633 International Financial Management 7,5 X  
EXC 3673 Corporate and Financial Risk Management 7,5   X
EXC 3612 Investment Analysis 7,5   X
  Elective 2 7,5   X
  Elective 3 7,5   X

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