GRA 1900 Master Thesis for students admitted autumn 2010 - autumn 2014


GRA 1900 Master Thesis for students admitted autumn 2010 - autumn 2014

Responsible for the course
Janicke L Rasmussen


According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

This is the course descriptions for thesis for students admitted autumn 2010 - autumn 2014

In the course of the MSc Programme all students are required to write a thesis. A thesis of 30 ECTS is a requirement for master degrees (Masterforskriften §6). The thesis shall be written in groups of two students, but may upon application be written individually. The thesis work consists of thesis seminars, guidance, a thesis proposal, a preliminary thesis report, and the final thesis.

Each Associate Dean is responsible for approving the thesis topic and thesis advisor. In addition the Associate Dean is responsible for thesis seminars in the program.

Learning outcome
The thesis work forms a process of learning where students are given the opportunity to apply knowledge in scientific research and/or survey work. The purpose is to provide the student with knowledge and skills in survey methods and/or scientifically based research. Students are expected to treat a broadly formulated problem and prepare and submit a report, which will contribute to a solution of the problem and/or provide a sound basis for decision-making within a given time and resource framework.


All courses in the Masters programme will assume that students have fulfilled the admission requirements for the programme. In addition, courses in second, third and/or fourth semester can have spesific prerequisites and will assume that students have followed normal study progression. For double degree and exchange students, please note that equivalent courses are accepted.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading

Course outline
The thesis is normally written in groups of two students. Students who wish to write their thesis individually may apply to the Associate Dean of their program.
The thesis is written in English.

Students will be introduced to research methods in research methodology courses. In addition the Associate Dean will arrange a thesis seminar (minimum 10 hours) introducing possible topics and advisors. An oral presentation may be a part of the thesis seminar and count for a part of the grade of the preliminary thesis report. Students are expected to participate in the thesis seminars and to have individual/group guiding (10 hours) by the thesis advisor.

Students are responsible for selecting a topic/problem area, which is suitable for a thesis related to their major in the MSc program. Students need to fill in a thesis registration form, and have the topic and advisor approved by the Associate Dean. Please see the Student Handbook (@bi) for detailed information on thesis work.

Computer-based tools
Not applicable

Learning process and workload
The Schedule
Thesis seminars are held in the 2nd and/or 3rd and/or 4th semester. The thesis registration form is submitted in connection with the research methodology courses. The preliminary thesis report should be submitted by January 15th in the fourth semester. The final thesis should be submitted no later than September 1st of your final year. An extension is only given by approval of the Dean and must be supported by relevant documentation. Read BI’s Academic Regulations carefully for more information on thesis extension and late submission.

Students are expected to devote time in the third semester for working on the preliminary thesis project. The remaining work on the thesis is in the fourth semester. Once the final thesis has been graded with a passing grade this will cover 30 ECTS credits.

The thesis registration form is submitted in connection with the Research Methodology courses
GRA 1901 Thesis seminars participations
GRA 1902 Thesis preliminary thesis report
GRA 1903 The final thesis

The preliminary thesis report (20%) is given a grade in points by the thesis advisor. An oral presentation may be a part of the thesis seminar and count as a part of the grade of the preliminary thesis report.
The final thesis (80%) , with the preliminary thesis project attached, is evaluated by the thesis advisor and an external grader. Students may be called upon to orally defend their thesis. Students will not be given a grade on their thesis unless the thesis registration and preliminary thesis report, as well as the thesis, are passed.

Form of assessment Weight Group size
Preliminary thesis report 20%
Final master thesis 80%

Specific information regarding student assessment will be provided in class. This information may be relevant to requirements for term papers or other hand-ins, and/or where class participation can be one of several components of the overall assessment. All parts of the assessment must be passed in order to get a grade in the course. Candidates may be called in for an oral hearing as a verification/control of written assignments.

Examination code(s)
GRA 19003 Preliminary thesis report and the final thesis (Æ) count for the final grade and 30 ECTS credits

Examination support materials

Permitted examination support materials for written examinations are detailed under examination information in the student portal @bi. The section on support materials and the use of calculators and dictionaries should be paid special attention to.

Re-sit examination
In case of “Fail”, the student may: 1) write a new thesis, or 2) rewrite the thesis and attain a maximum grade of E.
If you choose to write a new thesis, a full tuition fee for a whole semester will be charged.
If you choose to rewrite your thesis, the ordinary retake fees will apply.
Please see Academic regulations for further information.

Additional information
Honour code. Academic honesty and trust are important to all of us as individuals, and are values that are integral to BI's honour code system. Students are responsible for familiarising themselves with the honour code system, to which the faculty is deeply committed. Any violation of the honour code will be dealt with in accordance with BI’s procedures for academic misconduct. Issues of academic integrity are taken seriously by everyone associated with the programmes at BI and are at the heart of the honour code. If you have any questions about your responsibilities under the honour code, please ask. The learning platform itslearning is used in the teaching of all courses at BI. All students are expected to make use of itslearning.