EXC 2404 International Economics and Trade - RE-SIT EXAMINATION


EXC 2404 International Economics and Trade - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Per Botolf Maurseth

Department of Economics

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course gives the students an introduction to international economics. Among the topics are gains from and problems with international trade and economic globalization. The course gives an overview of main theories of international trade and international investments. The course also covers trade policy.

The course introduces the students to the main concepts of international economics. Among the topics covered are the gains and problems of globalization.

The first part the course discusses different theories of trade and the theory of tariffs. The course also covers additional topics, like the role of multinational companies

Intermediate microeconomics.

Compulsory reading
Krugman, Paul R. and Maurice Obstfeld. 2010. International economics : theory & policy. 9th ed. Boston, Mass. : Pearson : Addison Wesley. 712. Textbook - Selected chapters

Collection of articles:
Selected articles will be added

Handouts and cases distrubuted in lectures

Recommended reading

Course outline
  • Trade with goods and services
  • International trade theory
  • Imperfect competition and economies of scale
  • Income effects related to trade
  • Trade policy

Computer-based tools
Internet-based assignments and cases may be used.

Course structure
The course consists of 36 lecture hours.

A three hour individual written exam concludes the course.

Examination code(s)
EXC 24041 - Written exam accounts for 100% of the final grade in the course EXC 2404 International Economics and Trade, 6 credits.

Examination support materials
BI-approved exam calculator.
One bilingual dictionary may also be used at written examiniations. Support materials permitted at written examiniations are explained under exam information in our web-based Student handbook. Please note use of calculator and dictionary. http://www.bi.edu/studenthandbook/examaids

Re-sit examination
Due to changes in our Bachelor Programmes from autumn semester of 2009, there also will be changes in every single course. This course was taught for the last time in the autumn semester of 2010. A re-sit exam will be offered every term from autumn 2011 including the spring semester of 2013.

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