MRK 3500 B2B marketing and sale

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MRK 3500 B2B marketing and sale

Responsible for the course
Gorm Kunøe, Jon Bingen Sande, Morten H Abrahamsen

Department of Marketing

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

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B2B is a widely used international abbreviation for Business to Business. The course deals with sales and marketing when other companies and organizations are customers. Business market is considered to be greater than the consumer market internationally, and Norwegian companies have other businesses and organizations that customers in particular a large extent. Marketing and sales to businesses are often more complicated than for consumers and imposes special requirements. Personal sales and relationship development is considered to be particularly important when other companies are customers. In selling the concept included personal communications that actively achiev affected an existing or a future customer in the desired direction.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
The students develop:

  • Understanding of how public and private organizations buy goods and services.
  • Understanding of the value concept as a basis for marketing strategy
  • Knowledge of interorganizational relations and problems and opportunities at alternative levels of cooperation
  • Knowledge of relationship marketing
  • Understanding of professional sales and how to develop knowledge to succeed as a salesperson
  • Knowledge of the special circumstances in business to business marketing (B2B marketing) that involves application of marketing theories within pricing, product strategy and market communication.
Acquired skills
The students develop skills in:
  • Analysis of the company and the customer in how to establish the optimum level of cooperation
  • How to develop a relationship marketing programme
  • How to develop the company’s programme and strategies in all areas of business to business marketing as pricing, product management and market communication.
  • Being able to visit potential customer and carry through a sales process
  • Develop a sales plan that fulfils the sales management’s activity objectives and skills in planning long-term customer relationships
  • Applying it-based CRM systems (customer relationship management) in quantitative analysis of sales planning

The students will develop a professional and constructive approach to sales and marketing at the corporate market.

MRK 3414 Marketing Management (or MRK 2914 Marketing) or equivalent.

Compulsory reading
Kunøe, Gorm. 2010. Salg og salgsledelse med CRM-systemer. ScanForum.
- Kap 1. Salg med CRM-systemet, salgsmål og strategier og salgsledelse, side 21 – 215
- Kap. 2. Selger som person og selgerjobben, side 216 – 270
- Kap. 3. Operativt salg med CRM - systemet, side 271 – 294
- Appendix 1. Orientering om et typisk CRM – system, side 455 – 486
Nes, Erik B., Harald Biong og Jon Bingen Sande. 2015. Markedsføring på bedriftsmarkedet. 4. utg. Universitetsforlaget. Utvalgte sider - En liste over obligatoriske sider blir oppgitt på It's learning før semesterstart

Collection of articles:
1 - 5 artikler maks 50 sider vil bli publisert på It's Learning

Recommended reading

Course outline
  • Environmental management and corporate social responsibility
  • The importance of interaction and cooperation is business markets
  • Organizational buying behavior
  • Understanding business relationships: Analysis, establishment and development of buyer-seller relations
  • Segmentation in B2B marketing
  • Product strategy and marketing of raw materials
  • Price strategy and value based pricing
  • Personal sales with introduction to CRM- systems
  • The sales process and sales support systems
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Direct marketing in the B2B market
  • Implementing CRM systems
  • Sales management with CRM system

Computer-based tools
The students learn to work interactively with one of the most used CRM systems.

Learning process and workload
The course consists of a combination of lectures (33 hours) and exercises in use of a CRM system

Work requirement
There are two hand-in papers in the course. One hand-in is related to solving a practical case and one is related to the use of CRM in sales management.

Activity Use of hours
Participation in lectures
Preparation before and work after lectures
Practice with a CRM system (individual and groups)
Writing a case
Miscellaneous and preparation for the exam
Total recommended use of hours

    Coursework requirements
    There are two hand-in papers in the course. The students can work individual or in groups up to 5 students. One hand-in is related to solving a practical case and one is related to the use of CRM in sales management. One assignment is called "Solo testen" is related to the CRM system. The other aasignment is solving a case. Both assignments are assessed with approved / not approved, and both must be approved in order to sit for final examination. At least one of the questions in the final examination will be related to work requirements.

    A four-hour individual written examination concludes the course.
    Examination code(s)
    MRK 35001 – Written examination, count 100 % for the MRK 3500 course, 7,5 ECTS.

    Examination support materials
    No support materials are allowed at the examination.

    Re-sit examination
    A re-sit examination is offered every term.
    Students that have not approved the coursework requirements must take the two hand-in papers during the next scheduled course.

    Students that have not passed the written examination or who wish to improve their grade must re-take the examination in connection with the next scheduled examination.

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