MET 2920 Statistics

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MET 2920 Statistics

Responsible for the course
Pål Lauritzen

Department of Economics

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ECTS Credits

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Statistics is a basic statistics course that is included as a mandatory part of the bachelor programs in business administration subjects. The course is conducted in the spring semester.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
After completing this course, students will have acquired knowledge of statistical concepts and thinking.

Acquired skills
It is a goal that the course will enable students to plan and conduct investigations using the most commonly used statistical methods. Students will be able to interpret the analysis results from for instance reports or computer printouts. After completing the course students should be familiar with the use of computer tools for statistical analysis.

The aim is to develop a critical attitude to the interpretation of statistical results and to be critical of the condition durability. Particular emphasis is placed on applications related to economic issues so that students will be able to use statistics in courses that come later in the programme.


Compulsory reading
Ubøe, Jan. 2015. Statistikk for økonomifag. 5. utg. Gyldendal

Recommended reading

Course outline

Descriptive statistics chapter  1
Probability Models and Probability chapter  2 -4

Probability Distributions and Estimation
chapter  5 - 8 except Poisson-distribution, Opsjoner og Lotterimodellen
Hypothesis Testing chapter  9
Parametric and Non-parametric Tests chapter 10 except Wilcoxons test
Correlation chapter 11 to page 258

    Computer-based tools

    Learning process and workload
    The course has 54 hours and will consist of lectures, where the curriculum is reviewed, exercises in statistics software, and assignments. Problem solution will be a central part of the joint lectures, where papers are introduced in class and feedback given when these are reviewed and discussed in class. Training / use of Excel will be integrated into teaching.For each week a work program with literature references and tasks will be prepared. Students must acquire the substance in the reference literature and solve problems. Some of the tasks will be discussed in the plenary sessions. In lectures the theory will be discussed by using multiple data sets and related tasks. The final exam will be based on the assumption that the student has worked with these exercises throughout the semester.

    Recommended use of hours:
    Participation in class
    Preparation for lectures/ reading literature
    Total recommend use of hours

    In course delivery as online courses or evening classes, will lecturer, in collaboration with the Academic Services Network and evening studies, organize an appropriate combination of digital and class room teaching. Online students are also offered a study guide, which will help progression and overview. Total recommended amount of time for completion of the course also applies here.

    A 5-hour individual written examination concludes the course.
    Examination code(s)
    MET 29201 Written examination accounts for 100% of the grade in the course MET 2920 Statistics, 7,5 ECTS credits

    Examination support materials
    As from next scheduled course spring 2017, there will be a change of support materials to exam from “All support materials + BI approved exam calculator” to just BI approved exam calculator. The change does not apply for re-sit autumn 2016.

    Examination support materials at written examinations are explained under examination information in the student portal @bi. Please note use of calculator and dictionary in the section on support materials (

    Re-sit examination
    A re-sit is held every semester.
    Be aware of change in support materials to exam as from spring 2017.

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