JUR 3430 Marketing Law - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION


JUR 3430 Marketing Law - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION

Responsible for the course
Monica Viken

Department of Accounting - Auditing and Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The course provides an introduction to the legal framework for all kind of companies, with a special focus on companies related to consumer rights. Understanding the legal framework in business and industry is decisive for setting up and keeping a business alive, regardless of line of business. Lacking knowledge on legal regulation of competition protection may entail major economic losses for companies with significant intangible assets such as trademark rights or patented rights. Basic knowledge of the possibilities in the rules for competition protection may, on the other hand, contribute to increased earnings and securing the existence of the company. A breach of public-law rules that protect consumers may result in penalties and fees for the company. The course shall give the students an in-depth understanding of the legal regulations and an introduction to understanding the rules.

Please note!
This course have overlapping topics with JUR 3420 Business Law. Consequently a combination of these two courses in a Bachelors degree is not allowed.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
The students shall acquire a basic understanding of the main laws and rules that apply for marketing and sale of goods and services. The students shall be familiar with rules that protect the consumers and rules that regulate the relationship between companies.

Acquired skills
The students shall be able to account for the main rules of law in marketing law and place them in relation to the civil-law regulation of buying and selling. They shall be able to identify legal problems and be capable of analysing problem complexes based on legal sources.

The students shall also be aware of the grey area outside the clearly defined rules and the ethical principles established in legal standards in the legislation, and understand how these issues can be handled in practice.

No particular prerequisites.

Compulsory reading
Langfeldt, Sverre Faafeng og Tore Bråthen. Lov og rett for næringslivet. Siste utg. Universitetsforlager : Focus forlag. kap 1, 2, 3, 5 og 6. (Forrige utgave kan også benyttes)
Langfeldt, Sverre Faafeng, red. Næringslivets lovsamling 1687- ... til Lov og rett for næringslivet. Siste utg. Universitetsforlager : Focus forlag
Langfeldt, Sverre Faafeng. 2012. Oppgavesamling i rettslære med løsningsveiledninger : med bl.a. eksamensoppgaver i rettslære på revisorstudiet, bedriftsrett på siviløkonomstudiet, juridiske emner på bachelorstudiet 2003-2012. 11. utg. Focus

Recommended reading

Langfeldt, Sverre F. og Monica Viken. 2010. Arbeidshefte i juridiske emner. Oslo: Focus Forlag

Course outline

  • Review of sources of law and legal method
  • The main aspects of labour law
  • The main aspects of the law of sales
  • The rules on the consumers’ right of cancellation
  • The marketing practices Act rules on consumer protection
  • Competition protection and intellectual property law

Computer-based tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

Learning process and workload
The course consists of 45 lecture hours altogether, with 35 hours of lectures and 10 hours with cases and assignments. The students will work on small cases or assignments on each topic. The cases and assignments will be reviewed in class. Students are expected to have studied the relevant syllabus material and rules of law to be covered in each lecture. Students are expected to bring the code of laws and other supporting materials to class, so that they become familiar with using them in the study of various topics. Parts of the syllabus must be acquired through self-tuition. The lectures will mainly cover the most important problem areas only.The lecture plan will show what topics will be covered in the common course and specialization sections.

Activity Hours
Assignments organized by lecturer
Preparations for lectures
Self-tuition/reading syllabus
Working on cases/assignments
Recommended total workload

The e-learning platform It’s learning is used by the e-learning centre to administrate the mandatory exercises, and make students able to communicate with each other and the lecturer. Module sessions are carried out at the beginning of the semester and before exams. The e-learning students are also offered a study guide that is an educational guide to the syllabus.

Recommended workload in hours
Participation during lectures (weekend sessions)
Assignments organized by lecturer*
Preparation for lectures
Work on syllabus, study guide, hand-in exercises and case, assignments and activities on It's learning
Recommended total workload
*Through It's learning

A 5-hour individual written exam concludes the course.

Examination code(s)
JUR 34301 – Written exam which accounts for 100 % of the grade in the course JUR 3430 Marketing Law.

Examination support materials
All written aids are allowed at the exam.
In courses where all support materials are allowed also allows transcripts from Lovdata ( http://www.lovdata.no/ )

Re-sit examination
This course was lectured for the last time autumn 2013 with re-sit examination spring 2014.
Re-sit examination will be offered autum 2014 and last time spring 2015.

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