GRA 2260 Internship for MSc in Business


GRA 2260 Internship for MSc in Business

Responsible for the course
Øyvind Norli

Department of Financial Economics

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction
To be decided

The internship is an opportunity to work full-time at a company during the studies. As a participant in the internship programme, you have been selected to work at a specific company based on both what the company is seeking and based on what your interests are. The internship will give you valuable insights in real-world challenges, and should help you in putting your academic learning in perspective.

Learning outcome
The student shall demonstrate the following competencies after the internship:
Knowledge of key practical dilemmas of the everyday work in the company
Knowledge of the formal management systems in the company
Knowledge of the workdays challenges towards time and efficiency and customer service

Ability to define and execute tasks under conditions of uncertainty and change.
Ability to support suggestions for practical solutions with academically sound analysis.
Ability to collaborate and to work in teams

Learn not take anything at face value and to defer judgement
Understanding of the complexities of the market forces that drive business
Openness to ideas from a variety of perspectives

Students must be enrolled in the MSc in Business programme. The internship takes place in the third semester. A good study progress and results are a requirement for participation.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading

Course outline
Students will work for 8 weeks in a selected company and the tasks are assigned by each company. By the end of the internship the student will write a paper related to the internship. Each student is entitled to a maximum of three hours supervision on the termpaper.

Computer-based tools
Not applicable

Learning process and workload
The internship is for 8 weeks, full time and a completed and an approved internship will give 12 ECTS credits.
Students must attend work as agreed upon with the company they are assigned to. Write a paper towards the end of the internship.

A termpaper graded pass/fail

Examination code(s)
GRA 22601 term paper accounts for 100% of the grade in the course. Graded pass/fail

Examination support materials
N/A. Exam aids at written examiniations are explained under exam information in the student portal @bi. Please note use of calculator and dictionary in the section on examaids

Re-sit examination
It is only possible to retake an examination when the course is next taught.
The assessment in some courses is based on more than one exam code.
Where this is the case, you may retake only the assessed components of one of these exam codes.
Where this is not the case, all of the assessed components of the course must be retaken.
All retaken examinations will incur an additional fee.

Additional information
The internship work is unpaid. There total period of the internship is 8 weeks.

Honor Code
Academic honesty and trust are important to all of us as individuals, and represent values that are encouraged and promoted by the honor code system. This is a most significant university tradition. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the ideals of the honor code system, to which the faculty are also deeply committed.

Any violation of the honor code will be dealt with in accordance with BI’s procedures for cheating. These issues are a serious matter to everyone associated with the programs at BI and are at the heart of the honor code and academic integrity. If you have any questions about your responsibilities under the honor code, please ask.