FORK 2910 Preliminary Course in Mathematics

FORK 2910 Preliminary Course in Mathematics

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FORK 2910
Course coordinator: 
Kristina Rognlien Dahl
Robert Gunder Hansen
Course name in Norwegian: 
Forkurs i matematikk
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Bachelor - Preparatory course
2024 Autumn
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Course type: 
One semester

FORK 2910 is a preliminary course in mathematics that prepares you for the mathematics course EXC 2910 Mathematics. EXC 2910 is included as a compulsory part of the bachelor's programs in economic-administrative subjects. The preliminary course runs throughout the autumn semester, while the main course EXC 2910 runs in the following spring semester.

The preliminary course is recommended for everyone. Students who have recently taken R-mathematics at upper secondary school with very good results can assess whether they need the preliminary course.

The introductory course covers fundamental topics in algebra and functions in a variable. This forms the basis for EXC 2910 Mathematics.

Note: The teaching in EXC 2910 Mathematics is based on the syllabus in the preliminary course FORK 2910. If you do not have the pre-course topics fresh in your mind, EXC 2910 will be very difficult to complete. Anyone who is in doubt as to whether they need a preliminary course is therefore strongly recommended to attend.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

After completing the course, the student will have acquired mathematical knowledge in basic algebra and function theory.

Learning outcomes - Skills

A goal is to build a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This is done through the ability to perform mathematical calculations, as well as by achieving a thorough understanding of the concepts involved. This means, for example, the ability to see connections between algebraic and graphical representations of one and the same problem. It also means that the student can see connections between mathematics and other subjects, especially economics. In addition, students will develop skills in understanding mathematical problems and how to choose suitable solution strategies.

General Competence

The students' ability of analytical thinking, and their ability to reflect on results and calculations, will be strengthened by completing the course.

Course content
  • Elementary algebra, solution of equations and systems of equations.
  • Function: The concept of functions and basic functions such as polynomial functions and rational functions.
Teaching and learning activities

The preliminary course consists of 12 hours of lectures, 24 hours of exercise sessions as well as various lecture videos. The lectures will cover key parts of the curriculum. 

Active learning by solving exercises is a key part of both the lectures and exercise sessions. Feedback will be given through review and discussion of the exercises. Each week the students are given a number of exercises with corresponding literature references. 

Completion as an online course

In the online version of the course, the online teacher, in collaboration with the study administration, will organize an appropriate combination of digital learning resources and activities. This corresponds to the number of hours stated as teaching on campus. Online students are also offered a study guide that will contribute to progression and give an overview. The total recommended time needed for completing the course also applies here.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.
Additional information

To support the students' learning process, BI organizes seminar groups and other guidance services at our Campuses. It is strongly encouraged that students participate in these offers in order to understand the subject.

Required prerequisite knowledge

No prerequisites required.

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Student workload
12 Hour(s)
Digital resources
12 Hour(s)
Tutorial videos
Feedback activities and counselling
24 Hour(s)
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