ELE 3704 Criminal Law and Financial Crime


ELE 3704 Criminal Law and Financial Crime

Responsible for the course
Tore Bråthen, Roy Kristen Kristensen

Department of Accounting - Auditing and Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

The aim of the course is to give students an understanding of the legal regulation of financial crime with a main emphasis on Norwegian rules of law. The course will give students an insight into legal issues of importance for the business community.

    Learning outcome
    Acquired knowledge
    The students shall learn about the main penal provisions that apply to financial crime in the business sector.

    Acquired skills
    The students shall be able to make a summary (subsumption) in actual cases and analyse whether conditions for criminal liability and guilt are applicable.

    The students shall become aware of economic and ethical aspects of financial crime.

    JUR 3420 Business law, JUR 3430 Marketing law, FIN 3502 Securities Law or equivalent.

    Compulsory reading
    Langfeldt, Sverre Faafeng og Tore Bråthen. Lov og rett for næringslivet. Siste utg. Universitetsforlaget : Focus forlag. Kapittel 4.3, 17 og 18
    Stordrange, Bjørn. 2007. Forbrytelser mot vårt økonomiske system : utroskap, bestikkelser og investorbedrageri. 2. utg. Fagbokforlaget. Del I og II

    Collection of articles:
    2011. Artikkelsamling - ELE 3704 Strafferett og økonomisk kriminalitet. Handelshøyskolen BI

    Recommended reading

    Course outline
    • Criminal procedure
    • Corruption
    • Misuse of funds
    • Fraud
    • Competition crime
    • Stock exchange and securities violations
    • Evasion of taxes and charges
    • Laundering
    • Environmental crime

    Computer-based tools
    Computer-based tools are not required in this course.

    Learning process and workload
    The course consists of 45 hours assigned to the various topics in the syllabus. Details on the allocation of hours are given in the lecture plan. Only the most central areas within each topic will be covered in class.

    The students are required to study the relevant syllabus ahead of each lecture and to study the syllabus in-depth afterward (self-tuition). As part of the teaching plan students shall work on small cases/control assignments within each topic which will be reviewed in class. The students must systematize their code of laws, etc.

    Recommended workload for the students:
    Use of hours
    Participation in lectures
    Preparations for class
    Self-tuition/in-depth study after lectures
    Work on cases/assignments
    Total recommended use of hours

      A five-hour individual written exam concludes the course.

      Examination code(s)
      ELE 37041 Written exam, which accounts for 10 0% of the grade in EXC 3704, 7.5 ECTS credits.

      Examination support materials
      Only the texts of laws and regulations are permitted.

      Re-sit examination
      A re-sit is held in connection with the next scheduled exam in the course.

      Additional information