BTH 3203 Bachelor Thesis - Sales Management and Personal Sales

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BTH 3203 Bachelor Thesis - Sales Management and Personal Sales

Responsible for the course
Gorm Kunøe

Department of Marketing

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

In combination with the course BST 3202 Sales Management and Personal Sales, 15 credits, this Bachelor Thesis will constitute a specialization of 30 credits in the subject area. For students on the Bachelor Programme in Marketing with this combination it will be stated on the diploma that it is a specialization.

The Bachelor Thesis is a major independent piece of work where the students are to demonstrate that they are able to deal with a problem related to topics in sales management and personal sales and take overall responsibility for finding a good solution to it.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge

  • Through their work on the thesis the students are to acquire a theoretical understanding of the importance of the sales function in enterprises.
  • Through their work on the thesis the students are to acquire an understanding of the importance of sales management.
  • Through their work on the thesis the students are to acquire an understanding of overall perspectives in connection with sales and sales management.

Acquired skills
The students are to be able to prepare a well-written report on a concrete problem related to an enterprise, perform a methodically correct survey of the enterprise’s problems and present the results together with the theoretical platform for the thesis in a coherent way.

  • The students will be trained in critical reflection.
  • The students will be trained to understand a problem based on a theoretical background.
  • The students will be trained in contacting enterprises and initiate relevant cooperation on the Bachelor Thesis with an enterprise.

The students must have in-depth knowledge of personal sales, sales management and topics related to sales. Besides, the students must possess basic knowledge of social science method.

Compulsory reading
Saunders, Mark N.K., Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill. 2012. Research methods for business students. 6th ed. Pearson

Recommended reading
Løwendahl, Bente R. og Fred Wenstøp. 2013. Skriv gode oppgaver!. 2. utg. Cappelen Damm akademisk

Course outline
The students are themselves responsible for identifying a theme or problem area that is suitable for the Bachelor Thesis.

Computer-based tools
The course is supported by BI’s learning platform and he students must have access to a PC with relevant software. Training/supervision in the use of the statistics programme (SAS JMP), as well as searching for literature in the library is offered.

Learning process and workload
The students are expected to take independent responsibility for the work on the Bachelor Thesis. Therefore it is a condition that the students prepare for supervision sessions and seminars as a basis for discussion and guidance.

The students must complete a registration form where the chosen subject is stated. After that a supervisor is assigned to the students. The course is conducted over one semester and contains both seminars and supervision. See also guidelines for the writing of Bachelor Theses.

The teaching includes four seminars. Normally, the students are to prepare for each seminar and give presentations, and/or hand in material in advance.

For each group of students three hours of individual supervision is offered. The seminars are compulsory. Students who have not attended the seminars and/or have not submitted documentation must expect to be called in for an oral hearing.

Attendance at introduction lecture
Attendance at the library’s information session
Preparation for seminars
Preparation of written assignments to be submitted during the semester
Participation in seminars, 4 x 2 hours
Work on the thesis
Individual supervision
Recommended total use of time

Two hand-ins are required during the bachelor thesis semester. These hand-ins are a condition for submitting the Bachelor Thesis.

The course is concluded by the submission of a Bachelor Thesis. The assessment of the Bachelor Thesis counts 100% towards the grade. The thesis may be completed individually or in groups of up to three students. The group alternative is recommended.
Examination code(s)
BTH 32031 Bachelor Thesis in Sales Management and Personal Sales counts 100% towards the grade in the course BTH 3203, 15 credits.

Examination support materials
All examination support materials are allowed.

Re-sit examination
A re-sit examination is offered in connection with the next ordinary course.

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