EXC 3505 Strategy

EXC 3505 Strategy

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EXC 3505
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Course coordinator: 
Linda Rademaker
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Bachelor - Common Courses
2018 Autumn
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One semester

The course focuses on an overview of the field of strategy, and strategic choices on the top level of the organization. The course will give insights into strategic frameworks and tools, and will be related to strategic options in practice through an understanding of strategic processes.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

During the course students should:

  • Develop a good understanding of strategic leadership, including management and development of the resources of the organization.
  • Make use of analysis tools to assess the strategic position of an organization
  • Learn about problems and methods connected with development in different kinds of organizations, small as well as large ones, and in different industries.
  • Acquire an understanding of how strategy integrates different knowledge areas, such as business economics, logistics, organization theory and marketing.
  • Be able to focus on decision making and the use of practical tools in situations with conflicting objectives.
Learning outcomes - Skills

After completion of the course students will:

  • Be able to structure the values of an organization, and develop vision and mission statements.
  • Structure a strategic decision problem by formulating objectives and decision alternatives, and perform a strategic analysis to provide a basis for choice.
  • Understand the interdependence of strategy with other managerial disciplines.
  • Identify and reflect upon implementation issues
Learning Outcome - Reflection

The students will develop an awareness of the importance of corporate responsibility and how ethics, stakeholder values and value creation connect.

Course content
  • The concept of strategy
  • Vision and mission
  • Value structuring and goal formulation
  • Internal analysis, industrial analysis, Porter's five forces, value configuration, PESTEL
  • Strategic choice
  • Business and corporate strategies
  • International strategy
  • Innovation
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Implementation of strategy - strategy in action
Learning process and requirements to students

The learning process involves plenary lectures,discussions, group presentation of a self selected strategic decision problem and the writing of a project paper, including av video production. 

The students (in groups of at least three and no more than six) must routinely submit their planned solution process.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.
Additional information

Re-sit examiniation for EXC 35051 and EXC 35052 is offered autumn 2018 and last time spring 2019.


Higher Education Entrance Qualification.

Required prerequisite knowledge

No specific prerequisites requried.

Exam category: 
Form of assessment: 
Written submission
Group (3 - 6)
1 Semester(s)
The project is handed out when the semester starts and can be solved in groups of at least three, and no more than six students. Submission at the end of the semester.

The submission shall also contain a link to a video, where the submitted project paper shall be presented by the / those students who have solved it. The video must deal with the project paper and related theory, and have a Maximum duration of 10 minutes. All group members will receive the same grade.

The text in the submission, will count 60% of final grade.
The video in the submission, will count 40% of final grade.
Exam code: 
Grading scale: 
Examination when next scheduled course
Exam organisation: 
Ordinary examination
Total weight: 
Student workload
33 Hour(s)
Other in classroom
6 Hour(s)
Group presentations in class
Group work / Assignments
30 Hour(s)
Information retrieval
Student's own work with learning resources
30 Hour(s)
Group work / Assignments
40 Hour(s)
Group work / Assignments
5 Hour(s)
Analysis of decision problem
56 Hour(s)
Writing the term paper
Sum workload: 

A course of 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 26-30 hours. Therefore a course of 7,5 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of at least 200 hours.