BIK 2003 Human Resource Management

Norwegian version

BIK 2003 Human Resource Management

Responsible for the course
Cathrine Filstad

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction


    Learning outcome


      Compulsory reading
      Einarsen, Ståle og Anders Skogstad, red. 2011. Det gode arbeidsmiljø : krav og utfordringer. 2. utg. Fagbokforlaget. kapittel 6,7,9,10,11,12,14,16,17,18
      Kuvaas, Bård og Anders Dysvik. 2016. Lønnsomhet gjennom menneskelige ressurser : evidensbasert HRM. 3. utg. Fagbokforlaget
      Storeng, Nils H., Beck, Due Lund. 2017. Arbeidsrett. 10. utg. Cappelen Damm akademisk

      Book extract:
      Bokkapitler fra følgende bøker - Publiseres på It's Learning:. Mikkelsen og Laudal (red). 2014. Strategisk HRM1. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Kap 2 (87-105)
      Øyvind Kvalnes 2012. Etikk og Samfunnsansvar. Universitetsforlaget. Kap 3,4 og 5. (23-41).

      Recommended reading

      Course outline
      • Principles and practice in modern human resource management
      • Development of the human resource function
      • Human resource policy
      • Learning, competence and career development
      • Compensation, salary and rewards
      • Work environment, health and safety
      • Appraisal interviews
      • Recruitment and selection
      • Social benefits
      • Ethics, labour law and human resource management

      Computer-based tools

      Learning process and workload
      The course duration is 42 hours of teaching.

      A five-hour individual written examination completes the course.
      Examination code(s)
      BIK 20031, 5-hour written exam which accounts for 100% of the grade in BIK 2003, 7,5 credits.

      Examination support materials
      Only support material allowed for examination is:
      Storeng, N.H. and Beck, T.H. and Due Lund, A. 2017. Labour. 10. Ed. Cappelen Academic Press. (Alternatively, the 9th edition from 2015 is allowed).
      Be aware of regulations regarding references, and notes in the text. Follow the link to @ BI -

      Re-sit examination
      Re-sit at the next ordinary exam.

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