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PRK 3626 Internal Communication - RE-SIT EXAMINATION


PRK 3626 Internal Communication - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Peggy S Brønn, Christian Fieseler

Department of Communication and Culture

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

Employee commitment to an organization's goals is of vital importance for organizational success, making internal communication a key managerial issue. The distribution of information in an organization is a well-recognized component of internal communication; however, it is just the tip of the iceberg. The crucial importance of exchanging and discussing ideas in an honest, open, and effective communication climate - and that this climate surround all an organization's internal stakeholders is neither universally understood nor acknowledged. This course explains why establishing this climate is a prerequisite for employee commitment and ultimately for organizational success.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
Students will command areas of organizational and communication theory specifically relevant to internal communication, for example:

  • internal communication strategy,
  • leadership and change communication,
  • classic communication styles,
  • dealing with different others (dialogue),
  • ethical communication as a key to good leadership, and
  • specific channels possible and desirable for internal communication.

Acquired skills
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • use specific communication models and tools to reflect upon and improve their own communication practices.
  • clearly and convincingly present ideas to groups.
  • lead group discussions.
  • participate successfully in difficult conversations (dialogue).

Our students will understand the crucial role internal communication plays in empowering an organization's internal stakeholder groups. In addition, they will realize that it is their responsibility as communication officers to have the knowledge and skills necessary to create the honest and open communication climate essential for effective organizational communication.

Students must have taken PRK 3406 Introduction to Public Relations or a similar course. They must have a command of basic PR theory and concepts such as organizational structure and culture, identity, image, issues management, environmental scanning, etc.

Compulsory reading
Wright, Marc, ed. 2009. Gower handbook of internal communication. 2nd ed. Gower. A selection of chapters will be obligatory, the others recommended. (This is a book students can refer to on the job)

Collection of articles:
Fieseler, Christian. 2014. Article collection. Six articles on mutual learning model, Scandinavian values, job market diversity

Recommended reading

Course outline
  • What is Internal Communication
  • Fundamentals of Internal Communication, Strategy
  • Coorientation Model and Classical Presentation Style
  • Body language
  • The Mutual Learning Model
  • Communication Models
  • Intranet, Appreciative Inquiry, Social Media
  • Internal Crisis Communication
  • Leadership and Change Communication
  • Internal Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Storytelling and Business, Employee Engagement
  • Cultural Barriers

Computer-based tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

Learning process and workload
The course will employ a pedagogical approach that calls upon students to be active participants as they activate the learning environment through their own ability to master the material and present it to their classmates. The course will use at least one case from Norwegian private or public sector so that students can apply their knowledge to a real world situation.

Recommended use of hours:
Use of hours
Lectures, including student presentations in lectures
Group work
Assigned reading - preparation for lectures, final exam
Preparation group paper
Final examination
Total recommended use of hours

    Project paper in groups up to 3 students.
    Examination code(s)
    PRK 36261 - Project paper counts 100 % towards the grade in PRK 3626 Internal Communication, 7,5 credits.

    Examination support materials
    No support materials permitted for the final written examination.

    Re-sit examination
    This course was lectured for the last time spring 2015.
    Re-sit exam will be offered autumn 2015 and last time spring 2016.

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