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EXP 2900 Bachelor Thesis on the Chinese Market - at Fudan University in Shanghai, China


EXP 2900 Bachelor Thesis on the Chinese Market - at Fudan University in Shanghai, China

Responsible for the course
Auke Hunneman

Department of Marketing

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction


    The Bachelor Thesis aims at developing in-depth knowledge by applying the theories on problems of gaining or extending market access for Norwegian business and industry in the Chinese market. It is also a goal to teach students how to work independently on self-selected problems in a foreign culture using a non-Norwegian language. The bachelor work shall give the students training in planning research projects, and executing them in a group within a limited time period, and reporting their findings in a foreign language. The process shall comply with scientific methods of discovery and reporting.


    Compulsory reading

    Readings, containing both factual and theoretical material related to defining and solving the project, are proposed by the students, and defined by the academic advisor through approval of the project. Literature used must be referenced in the written report in accordance with established academic practice

    Recommended reading

    Course outline
    The bachelor thesis is expected to deal with matters concerning access to the Chinese market, based on the study content. The project is subject to the approval of the supervisor of the host country.

    Computer-based tools
    Computer-based tools are not used in this course.

    Course structure
    Student groups of 3 - 4 participants, propose projects with a preliminary activity plan and literature references. These projects are often based on Norwegian companies’ needs for decision related information. BI Norwegian Business School will appoint an academic supervisor for each group. The work is expected to be independent, including carrying through negotiations with companies for assignments, selection of literature, choice of methods of discovery, information gathering, analysis, and presentation of results. The counselling is organized in the following phases:
    1. Choice of assignment/theme with outline of the project. Approval by the host school.
    2. Planning report: Detailing of the assignment with ways and means to solve it (2-3 pages).
    3. Progress reports for counselling. Adjustments in project plans.

    Evaluation is based on the written and oral presentation of the project. The written part accoutns for 80 % of the grade and the oral presentation 20 % of the grade. (The oral presentation is mandatory for all students). The working language is English. The oral presentation to evaluators can be opened for audition by fellow students and invited guests. The grades are determined only by the formally appointed evaluators based on the following criteria:

    1. Quality of the chosen theme / assignment
    2. Completeness of the study within the defined theme
    3. Quality of execution of the study
    4. Accuracy and completeness of recommendations
    5. Written presentation of the project
    6. Oral presentation and defence of the project.

    Examination code(s)
    EXP 29001 Bachelor thesis accounts for 100 % % of the grade in EXP 2900 Bachelor Thesis on the Chinese Market - at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, 15 ECTS credits.

    Examination support materials
    All written aids are allowed for the Bachelor Thesis.

    Re-sit examination
    Will be solved if necessary.

    Additional information