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EXC 3620 Service Marketing - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION


EXC 3620 Service Marketing - RE-SIT EXAMINIATION

Responsible for the course
Matilda Dorotic

Department of Marketing

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

We live in service economies, nowadays services account for approximately 75% of the gross national products in developed countries, therefore most students will work in service companies upon graduation. Even more, service marketing logic becomes the essential competitive advantage in the management of manufactured goods, both through the role of customer service and experience marketing. In a competitive environment dominated by service companies in stagnated markets and an increasing focus on customer service, knowledge about service marketing in general and loyalty marketing in particular become a vital requirements for success in the private as well as in the public sector. This means that today’s managers need to have in-depth knowledge about the unique characteristics of services as compared to products and the challenges these characteristics pose on marketing and management of customer services and service companies. Moreover, the rapid technological development and the increased use of social media introduce new opportunities and challenges for building relationships between service providers and their customers. For this reason, in this course we will integrate knowledge from various areas of marketing (branding, innovation, marketing strategy) in order to analyze the prerequisites of success in managing services.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
In this course students should acquire knowledge about fundamental theories, methods and concepts within the area of services marketing such as:

  • Understanding of what challenges one faces when marketing and managing services and the consequences of these challenges for the employees, the customers and the management
  • Knowledge about core models and tools that can be applied to handle these challenges when the overall goal is to create a loyal and profitable customer base.

Acquired skills
Through this course the students should be able to apply services marketing knowledge to solve practical and theoretical problems through an increased ability to:
  • To apply relevant tools and techniques to meet and handle the various challenges and problems of service companies
  • Develop an ability to evaluate, implement and manage effective marketing programs in service companies

We will do this by focusing strongly on the practical issues that companies face, looking at numerous real-life examples and diagnosing problems that companies in our environment face. In this course we aim to collaborate with companies to provide students with opportunities to diagnose relevant issues and propose adequate solutions.

Through this course the students should be able to communicate information, theories, ideas, problems and solutions from service marketing by an increased focus on ethical problems and corporate social responsibility.

Basic course in Marketing Management, EXC 3414 or equivalent.

Compulsory reading
Wilson, Alan ... [et al.]. 2012. Services marketing : integrating customer focus across the firm. 2nd European ed. McGraw-Hill

Collection of articles:
M. Dorotic. Service Marketing: Selected Articles and Case Studies. 2014. Handelshøyskolen BI

Recommended reading
Fisk, Raymond P., Stephen J. Grove and Joby John. 2014. Services marketing interactive approach. 4th ed, International ed.. South-Western Cengage Learning

Course outline
The foundation of service marketing
  • Introduction to services
  • Consumer behavior in services
  • Internet services and social media, changes that new technology brings

Building blocks: Understanding customer requirements
  • Listening to customers through research
  • Customer expectations of service
  • Customer perceptions of service
  • Where gaps in service quality occur

Designing an Effective Service: service design and standards
  • Service development and design
  • Customer-defined service standards
  • Physical evidence and the servicescape

Delivering and Performing High Quality Service
  • Employees’ roles in service delivery
  • Customers’ roles in service delivery
  • Delivering service through technology
  • Intermediaries in service delivery

Managing Relationships and Building Customer Loyalty
  • Managing demand and capacity
  • Service recovery
  • Customer loyalty

Managing Services Effectively
  • Integrated service marketing communication
  • Pricing of services
  • The financial impact of service quality

Review of the field of service marketing:
  • Review of service marketing: how did it all start and why?
  • Do our concepts, theories and models still hold water?
  • What trends and challenges are we facing/ will we see in near future?

Computer-based tools
This course requires that students use of the learning platform It's Learning and the Internet.

Learning process and workload
The couse will consit of a combination of lectures, group work, discussions and feedback on the work requirements. Feedback will be given in a plennary sesssion after each assignment is handed in.

Coursework requirements
During the semester three (3) mandatory assignments are given. One (1) is a group assignment. The other two (2) are individual assignments. The assignments can be short essays (app. 1 page) and/or multiple-choice tests on It’s Learning. The assigments will be assesed approved/not approved. When multiple-choice tests are given, the test may be taken several times if it is not passed the first time (the multiple-choice test can be taken several times before the deadline). Two (2) out of three (3) mandatory assignments have to be approved for the student to be able to take the examination. More information will be given during class and on It's Learning.

Recommended use of time for students:
Lectures and group work
Home work/ preparations before class etc.
Hours spent on work requirements
Recommended use of time

    Coursework requirements
    Coursework requirements omitted because the course is no longer offered, ie not a requirement for re-sit examinations autumn 2015 and spring 2016.

    A three hour individual written examination concludes the course,
    Examination code(s)
    EXC 36201 - Written examination, acccounts for 100% of the final grade in the course EXC 3620 Service marketing, 7.5 credits.

    Examination support materials
    One bilingual dictionary may be used at the written examination.
    Examination support materials at written examiniations are explained under examination information in the student portal @BI. Please note use of calculator and dictionary.

    Re-sit examination
    This course was lectured for the last time autumn 2014. Last re-sit examinations will be offered autumn 2015 and spring 2016.

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