ORG 2003 Human Resource Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION


ORG 2003 Human Resource Management - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Cathrine Filstad

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

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    New requirements of today's managers. "Our employees are our main resource" is a statement we often hear. How does modern management contribute to making this statement more concrete? The course aims to give an overview of management tasks in today's work life. Attitudes, values, laws, agreements and societal conditions that affect human resource management will be central themes in this course.

    ORG 9601 or equivalent or work experience.

    Compulsory reading
    Kuvaas, Bård, red. 2008. Lønnsomhet gjennom menneskelige ressurser : evidensbasert HRM. Bergen : Fagbokforlaget. Kapittel 9 og 10 utgår som pensum
    Storeng, Nils H., Tom Henrik Beck og Arve Due Lund. 2009. Arbeidsrett. 7. utg. Oslo : Cappelen Akademisk Forlag

    Collection of articles:
    Richardsen, Astrid. 2010. Artikkelsamling til Personalledelse. Oslo: Handelshøyskolen BI

    Recommended reading

    Course outline
    • Principles and practice in modern human resource management
    • Development of the human resource function
    • Human resource policy
    • Learning, competence and career development
    • Compensation, salary and rewards
    • Work environment, health and safety
    • Appraisal interviews
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Social benefits
    • Ethics, labour law and human resource management

    Computer-based tools
    Computer-based tools will not be used in this course.

    Course structure
    The course duration is 36 hours of teaching including classroom teaching, case and group assignment work and classroom discussions.

    A five-hour individual written examination completes the course.

    Examination code(s)
    ORG 20031, 5-hour written exam which accounts for 100% of the grade in ORG 2003, 6 credits.

    Examination support materials
    Relevant law texts related to lectures and Compulsory literature. It iss not allowed to bring laxts with personal notes or interpretations.

    Re-sit examination
    This course was lectured for the last time autumn 2010. Re-sit exam will be offered every term from autumn 2011 even spring 2013.

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