FORK 0301 Course in Study Strategies - Making the Most of Your Studies

FORK 0301 Course in Study Strategies - Making the Most of Your Studies

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FORK 0301
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Anna Therese Steen-Utheim
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Bachelor - Preparatory course
2018 Autumn
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One semester

The course is offered for new students at undergraduate level.

The primary objective of this course is to raise the students’ awareness of their own study habits by focusing on planning, setting objectives and structuring their days to achieve overview of the courses, structure and increased learning. The aim of the course is to equip students with practical tools they can apply to utilize and master their academic life. Additionally, the tools are supposed to help the students regulate their learning and study habits. The course will also include guidelines for how to search for academic literature, examinations and cheating on exams. The course seeks to engage the students such as applying differing teaching methods, and is available on campus and as an online class.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

After completing the course, the students should have acquired knowledge on how different study habits can provide an overview of courses, structure and increased learning. The students should also know about and assess how different tools can help them regulate their learning and study habits.

Learning outcomes - Skills

After completing the course, the students should have acquired knowledge on different practical tools they can apply to utilize and master their academic life.

Learning Outcome - Reflection

During the course the students should be aware of the study habits they use and reflect upon how these habits can be applied in their academic life.

Course content

The course is organized around three topics:

  1. Become a better student: how to get through the curriculum
    Topic 1 is a general introduction to being a student at BI with an explicit focus of increasing the student’s awareness of his/her own learning style, increasing autonomy and utilizing these factors in order to benefit him-/herself. The topic presents how goal setting can help students plan and carry out their studies. In this section the student conducts different assignments in order to create awareness of previous experiences and study habits, and is then presented with new techniques to master the academic life.

    Additionally, the topic concerns how students should acquire an overview of the curriculum and different methods when reading the curriculum. Students also practice how they can increase their pace when reading, and are introduced to different note-taking techniques. Finally, working in colloquium, the benefits of repeating the curriculum and self-discipline are presented.

  2. Writing papers as an undergraduate
    Topic 2 teaches students how to write papers and academic language. Students will evaluate and work with previous term papers in groups. In addition, the students learn about reference techniques and literature searches, and generally about the library as a resource.
  3. Exams and mastering examinations
    Topic 3 is about mastering exams, how to prepare for exams and cope with exam-related stress and anxiety. The students also receive more practical tips for how to handle the examination day itself.
Learning process and requirements to students

Part 1 of the course is conducted on all campuses each autumn, when semester starts. The remaining subjects are offered as blended learning, ie in the form of physical courses and / or as digital elements. Relevant resources are available online at any time.

For the course offered online only, all teaching materials is distributed on Itslearning as well as additional assignments.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification.

Required prerequisite knowledge

No prerequisites required.

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