FAK 2616 Occupational Pension Insurance


FAK 2616 Occupational Pension Insurance

Responsible for the course
Ina Due-Tønnessen

Department of Accounting - Auditing and Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

This course is meant especially for employees in the insurance industry who works with topics within occupational pension insurance, both when it comes to administration, and to claims settlement. The course constitutes a part of the authorization for insurance brokers and the authorization for personal insurance consultants.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
This course aims to give the students an overview of occupational pension insurance, also related to the new laws of mandatory occupational pensions and defined-contribution pensions. In addition the students shall know how the Insurance Contracts Act and the Insurance Activity Act, together with other special acts determine the framework for occupational pension insurance

After finishing the course, the students should be able to
Explain (the customers) the difference between the various pension solutions and what consequences the different solutions will have, both for the enterprise and for the employees.
Present proper pension solutions with basis in laws and regulations
Calculate different occupational pension types from particular presumptions.

The students shall work up a particular conscious attitude to laws and rules that relate to their profession, and be conscious that those choices they make and the advices they give, may have large impact on others.

The course requires a basic knowledge of Norwegian financial activity, and of central legal provisions within this business sector. Students should have passed the BI courses: Introduction to Insurance, Introduction to Law I and Life Insurance Private and Corporate. Own experience from work in the insurance business is also an important source of comprehension.

Compulsory reading
Kirkebø,Katrine og Ina Due-Tønnessen, red. 2013. Privat tjenestepensjon. BI Forsikring. Ny lov vedtas sannsynligvis per desember 2013. Kapittel 7 må eventuelt revideres i løpet av perioden.

Hamre, Bjørn. Utviklingen for rammebetingelser av betydning for kollektiv pensjon 2003-2011. Siste utg. Artikkelen revideres fortløpende for å få med de siste endringene

Lover, forskrifter og utdelt materiell

Recommended reading

Course outline

  • Development of group pension insurance
  • Insurance Law
  • Insurance Contract Act
  • Tax rules for occupational pension insurance
  • Marriage Act
  • The Laws of occupational pension insurance

Occupational pensions, defined-contribution pensions, new occupation pension - hybrid model

The Contract of Insurance and Insurance terms

Public occupational pensions
  • Act on the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Municipal pension schemes
  • Coordination

Pension funds
  • Private pension funds
  • Public pension funds

Group pension insurance
  • Regulations
  • Areas of application
  • Limitations and possibilities

National Insurance

Contractual pension (AFP)

Group pension insurance in practice
  • Establishing and maintenance
  • Premium calculation
  • Insurance settlement
  • Capital management
  • Appropriation of surplus
  • Account controlling
  • Firms financial statements
  • Removal
  • Termination

Ethic consideration

    Computer-based tools
    Access to the Internet is required. Learning platform: It’s learning.

    Learning process and workload
    Organized as distance education based on self-study and two non-compulsory send-ins. intensive seminars (2+2 days) are organized. Participation is voluntary.
    Use of hours
    Participation at lectures - 4 days
    Preparations for lectures
    Working with literature
    Assignments and activities on It's Learning
    Solving mandatory assignments (3)
    Recommended use of hours

      A four-hour individual written examination concludes the course. If the examination is to be used for Authorization, the candidate must at least obtain the grade C.

      Examination code(s)
      FAK 26161 Written examination, which accounts for 100 % of the final grade in the course FAK 2616 Occupational Pension Insurance, 7,5 credits

      Examination support materials
      All support materials are allowed including a BI-defined exam calculator. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA II Plus™
      Examination support materials are specified under examination information in our web-based Student Handbook. Please note the use of calculator and dictionary. http://www.bi.edu/studenthandbook/examaids

      Re-sit examination
      A re-sit is held in connection with the next scheduled exam in the course.

      Additional information