EXC 2508 Investment Analysis - RE-SIT EXAMINATION


EXC 2508 Investment Analysis - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Dag Michalsen

Department of Financial Economics

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    This course intends to provide an understanding of the investment environment and process. The investment environment includes the kinds of marketable securities that exist and where and how they are bought and sold. The process is concerned with decision-making, how much to invest in each security and when to make these investments.

    EXC 2300 Basic Financial Management, EXC 2501Financial Decision Making, EXC 2505 Empirical Methods in Finance, or equivalent

    Compulsory reading
    Bodie, Zvi, Alex Kane and Alan J. Marcus. 2010. Essentials of investments. 8th ed. Boston : McGraw-Hill/Irwin. + readings

    Recommended reading

    Course outline
    • The Financial Markets
    • Portfolio Management
    • Market Efficiency
    • Risk, Expected Return, and Performance Measurement
    • Interest Rates and Bond Management
    • The Pricing of Complex Securities
    • Stock Valuation Models

    Computer-based tools
    Students are encouraged to use computer models in this course. It's learning/homepage

    Course structure
    The instruction over 36 lecture hours consists primarily of presentations and discussions of the readings assigned to the topics listed above. Students are expected to have read the material before each class meeting.

    A three hour multiple choice test.

    Examination code(s)
    EXC 25081 - A multiple choice test accounts for 100 % of the final grade in the course EXC 2508 Investment Analysis, 6 credits.

    Examination support materials
    Interest tables, a BI-approved exam calculator (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA II Plus™), and a bilingual dictionary are permitted during the exam.
    Exam aids at written examinations are explained under exam information in our web-based Student handbook. Please note use of calculator and dictionary. http://www.bi.edu/studenthandbook/examaids

    Re-sit examination
    Due to changes in our Bachelor Programmes from the autumn semester of 2009, there also will be changes in every single course. This course was taught for the last time spring semester of 2011. A re-sit exam will be offered every term including the spring term of 2013.

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