EMS 2311 Bachelor thesis in Real Estate - RE-SIT EXAMINATION


EMS 2311 Bachelor thesis in Real Estate - RE-SIT EXAMINATION

Responsible for the course
Stine Winger Minde

Department of Accounting - Auditing and Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

In the course of the Bachelor in Real Estate program all students are required to write a thesis. The thesis shall be written in groups of two/three students, working together. In special cases individual students may be granted exemption from this rule and be permitted to write an individual thesis. Students who claims they have reasons to write an individutal thesis, have to send a written application to person who is responsibel for the course.

The objective of the course is to train students to plan and carry out an independent research project within a certain time limit. The result is to be presented as a bachelor thesis that must meet scientific criteria concerning form and content. The purpose is to provide students with knowledge, skills and personal attributes that is important in any form of research.

Students are required to have in-depth knowledge within their specialization. They also need to have a basic knowledge of research methods in the social sciences and research methods in law.

Compulsory reading
Bertnes, Pål A. og Halvor Kongshavn. 2005. Praktisk rettskildelære : juridisk informasjonssøking. 3. utg. Gyldendal akademisk

Recommended reading

Course outline
The students are responsible for selecting a topic or problem area that are suitable for their thesis Topic shall be approved by the person who is responsibel for the course.

Computer-based tools
Courses may be offered in the use of statistics programs (SPSS or equivalent software) and in information searches in the library.

Course structure
The student needs to fill in a thesis registration form indicating possible topics/problem area. A thesis advisor is then appointed.
The cours takes place over one semester. Each group are entitled to 5 hours of personal guidance by the thesis advisor. The student is responsible for contacting the tutor for personal guidance. The advisor can also organize 8 hours' of seminar style teaching.

The final thesis is evaluated by the thesis advisor and an external examiner. Students may be called upon to orally defend their thesis.

Examination code(s)
EMS 23111 bachelor thesis, which accounts for 100% of the grade in EMS 2311, 15 ECTS credits.

Examination support materials
All aids are allowed.

Re-sit examination
Due to changes in our Bachelor Programmes from autumn 2009, there also will be changes in every single course.
This course was lectured for the last time spring 2011. Re-sit exam will be offered every term even spring 2013.

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