DRE 7021 Research Ethics

DRE 7021 Research Ethics

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DRE 7021
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Plamen Toshkov Nenov
Samuli Knüpfer
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Research Ethics
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PhD Economics courses
2021 Autumn
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One semester

This course is a one-day workshop intended to educate students about the principles of research ethics in the social sciences and issues related to research ethics. The course aims at making doctoral students conscientious about ethics and ethical principles in the social sciences, and preventing fraudulent behavior in research.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

To raise awareness about good ethical practices in connection with: 
1. Data collection, data management, sharing, and ownership.
2. Management of sensitive data. 
3. Proper referencing of others' research. 
4. Publication of research. 
5. Digitalization and (international) collaboration in research. 
6. Researchers in expert roles. 
7. Supervisor and mentor relationships.

Learning outcomes - Skills

After taking the course the students will be able to conduct empirical research following the best ethical practices related to data collection, management and sharing. They will also be able to properly reference other people's research in their own work.

General Competence

After taking the course students should be able to constructively reflect on the ethical issues associated with economic research and critically assess these issues in their own work. 

Course content

The course will focus on case studies of ethical problems and introducing the participants to tools that can reduce the problems. One important case study we will focus on, is Reinhart and Rogoffs controversial study of the effect of debt on economic growth. 
The tools will include an introduction to software and web based solutions that make it easier to create reproducible research. This includes a brief introduction to Jupyter notebooks which can be used with Python,R and many other data analysis frameworks.

Teaching and learning activities


Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.
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Internal examiner with external supervisor
All components must, as a main rule, be retaken during next scheduled course
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Exam category:Activity
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Exam code:DRE70211
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Ordinary examination
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