BIK 1401 Negotiation and negotiation skills

BIK 1401 Negotiation and negotiation skills

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BIK 1401
Communication and Culture
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Gillian Warner-Søderholm
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Forhandling og forhandlingsteknikk
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Special Course
2020 Autumn
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One semester

Negotiation are omnipresent in our lives. At work we negotiate with our employers, colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. In our private lives we negotiate with friends, children, spouses and family members. We negotiate everyday but how aware are we of what is happening in these situations? How can we become better negotiators? Negotiation research provides us with evidence about how we should act in a negotiation.
In this course theory and research will be presented which will help you understand and analyze the critical elements and processes in a negotiation. By using roles plays and cases you will have the opportunity to develop your competencies and skills.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

After you have completed the course, you should :

Knowledge outcomes:
1. Be able to analyse a negotiation situation.
2. Know the different types of negotiation strategies and tactics.
3. Have an overview of the negotiation research and the findings that can help you to improve you negotiation skills.

Learning outcomes - Skills

1. Be able to design a good negotiation plan.
2. Be able to complete a negotiation.
3. Have acquired the requisite skills to handle different negotiation situations.

General Competence

1. Develop an understanding of who you are and what you choose in a negotiation.
2. Develop a clear overview of different approaches to ethical and moral questions related to negotiation.

Course content

I.What is a negotiation and why is it important for work life?
II. Negotiation and conflict resolution
III. Negotiation strategies and tactics
IV.Negotiation and mediation at work (colleagues, customers, and suppliers)
V. Social psychological research and negotiation
VI.Negotiation is groups

Teaching and learning activities

The course will be conducted through lectures and exercises with a total of 36 course hours.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be deviations in teaching and learning activities as well as exams, compared with what is described in this course description.

Required prerequisite knowledge

No special previous knowledge is required for taking this course

Exam categoryWeightInvigilationDurationGroupingComment exam
Exam category:
Form of assessment:
Written submission
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BIK 14011
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Grading rules:
Internal and external examiner
Examination when next scheduled course
100No72 Hour(s)Individual The course is concluded with a 72 hour individual written take home examination.
Exam category:Submission
Form of assessment:Written submission
Grouping (size):Individual
Duration:72 Hour(s)
Comment:The course is concluded with a 72 hour individual written take home examination.
Exam code:BIK 14011
Grading scale:ECTS
Resit:Examination when next scheduled course
Type of Assessment: 
Ordinary examination
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Student workload
36 Hour(s)
The course will be conducted through lectures and exercises with a total of 36 course hours.
Sum workload: 

A course of 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 26-30 hours. Therefore a course of 7,5 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of at least 200 hours.