Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business (BScB) at BI Oslo is a three-year full-time program conducted entirely in English. The program is open to both Norwegian and international students. It is taught by both Norwegian and international faculty. All textbooks and teaching materials are in English.

Objectives The BScB program gives participants a broad business education, management skills, English language competence and cultural awareness required in an international business environment. The BScB program meets the requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programs at BI Norwegian School of Management and Business Schools and Universities abroad.

Study Mode BI Norwegian School of Management estimates the workload for full-time students to be around 40 hours per week. Approximately 15 – 20 hours every week during the semester will be lectures and tutorials.

Course content The curriculum focuses on basic business related topics in Management, Finance, Economics, Methods, Law and Cross-cultural communication.

In the first year foundation courses in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Methods, Marketing and Management are taught. There is one possible elective in the first year, either English for Business or Scandinavian Worklife. It is recommended to choose English for Business for the students who live in Norway and already know the economic, political and social systems, as well as the culture, in Scandinavia. For the students coming directly from abroad, Scandinavian Worklife is a very useful course.

Second year The second year is based on the first year, and also provides courses in Strategy, Information Technology, Logistics and International Law in addition to Accounting, Finance and Economics.

Third year The fall semester of the third year provides courses in International Marketing, Finance, Strategy and Intercultural Communication. During the spring semester, the students specialize in either Finance or Marketing. It is also possible to spend this last semester as an exchange student at on of BI Norwegian School of Management’s partner schools abroad, which provides the students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience about different countries and business cultures and to build networks.

Evaluation and Grades The courses are measured in credit points (“ studiepoeng”) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS credits) standard. The full-time workload for one academic year is 60 “studiepoeng” or ECTS credits, which means that the BScB degree covers 180 ECTS credits.

Evaluation and grades are based on reports, term papers, class contribution, case presentation and exams. Performance for each course is evaluated separately. All courses must be passed in order to obtain the BScB degree.


Bachelor of Science in Business (1. year)

The program consists these courses:

Kurskode Studiepoeng* Kursnavn Høst 2003 Vår 2004
EXC 2200 6 Internatinal Business History X
EXC 2303 6 Marketing Management X
EXC 2305 6 Macroeconomics X
EXC 2306 6 Mathematics X
EXC 2308 6 English for Business (Elective) X
EXC 1012 6 Scandinavian Worklife (Elctive) X
EXC 2300 6 Basic Financial Management X
EXC 2309 12 Financial and Managerial Accounting I X
EXC 2307 6 Organizational Psychology and Management X
EXC 2304 6 Statistics X