MBA 2415 Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and Beyond


MBA 2415 Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and Beyond

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Benedicte Brøgger

Department of Communication and Culture

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This unique course provides participants with a framework for identifying, developing and executing the information-intensive strategies that will enable them to compete and win in smart markets. While most firms recognise that they are now competing in an information economy, few have developed a systematic strategic framework to leverage their information assets into sustainable advantage.

Learning outcome
At the end of the Entrepreneurship session, participants will understand how Silicon Valley functions; how VS firms are organized and partners compensated; set deal flow, deal terms and valuation.

Bachelor degree or equivalent, 4 years work experience, managerial experience and good written and oral knowledge of the English language. Please confirm our Student regulations.

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Collection of articles:
Collection of cases and articles

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Course outline
This is a 5-days programme comprising the following content:
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Innovation is the engine that drives revenue and profit growth in most organizations. In this segment, we will explore different models of innovation management from those used by large design firms in Silicon Valley to the ones employed by large industrial firms in other parts of the world. Using cases, videos and in-class exercises, we'll examine the context in which innovation takes place, the ways in which customers can be embedded in the design process, and the systems, tools and techniques used to successfully manage innovation. The course will help the student develop their own business canvas to prepare a viable plan for starting their own company. Techniques for improving organizational creativity are demonstrated.

Company visits

Computer-based tools

Learning process and workload

    50% Class presentations
    50% group assignment.

    Examination code(s)
    MBA 24151 - Process evaluation; accounts for 100 % to pass the program MBA 2415, 4 ECTS credits

    The course is a part of a full MBA and examination in all courses in the MBA programme must be passed in order to obtain a certificate for the MBA degree.

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