FORK 1005 Preparatory course in Mathematics for Statistics and Data Analytics

FORK 1005 Preparatory course in Mathematics for Statistics and Data Analytics

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FORK 1005
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Steffen Grønneberg
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Master - Preparatory course
2019 Autumn
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One semester

We review central mathematical concepts that are especially relevant for multivariate statistics.

At the start of autumn semester, the course will be given for students in the following programmes:

  • Msc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology
  • Msc in Strategic Marketing Management

At the start of spring semester, the course will be given for students taking a MSc in Business with the following specializations:

  • Business Law, Tax and Accounting
  • Leadership and Change
  • Logistics - Supply Chain and Network
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

This course is not relevant for students doing MSc in Finance or MSc in Business, major Finance or Economics.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

To provide the basic mathematical tools for multivariate statistics courses to students who need to refresh their mathematical skills.

Learning outcomes - Skills


General Competence


Course content

The course reviews the mathematical theory surrounding applied statistics at the level of multiple linear regression. This includes calculation rules with the summation notation, standardization of random variables and its use for Normally distributed random variables, and related mathematical issues.

Teaching and learning activities

There will be 10 teaching hours in the course.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

All courses in the Masters programme will assume that students have fulfilled the admission requirements for the programme. In addition, courses in second, third and/or fourth semester can have spesific prerequisites and will assume that students have followed normal study progression. For double degree and exchange students, please note that equivalent courses are accepted.

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