EMS 3618 Oral Exam for the Bachelor Program in Real Estate Studies

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EMS 3618 Oral Exam for the Bachelor Program in Real Estate Studies

Responsible for the course
Paul H Fjeldheim

Department of Law

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

This oral exam replaces the previous EMS 9118.
Students are required to have taken all written exams in the program before being allowed to sit for the oral exam.

Learning outcome
Acquired Knowledge
Students will demonstrate that they have acquired a basic understanding of all the key core areas of real estate.

Acquired Skills
Students will be able to verbally explain the laws and regulations that are important in the profession. Students will demonstrate that they can handle the issues that arise and make settlement and account for the processing of entrusted funds. After completing the program, students will be able to explain how a real estate agent working on dissemination of real property to private - and business markets.

Students must also demonstrate that they are aware of the ethical issues associated with real estate agents through a basic understanding of good broking practice.

Bachelor program in real estate studies.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading

Course outline
The oral examination may include questions from the following three subject areas:

  1. Legal provisions and regulations
  2. Estate agency practice and preparation of documents
  3. Accountancy, economics and settlement of property deals.

Even if the candidate has been granted a waiver from a course within one of the mentioned subject areas he/she may neverteless be asked questions from this course at the oral exam.

Computer-based tools

Learning process and workload
The program is concluded with an oral exam that is held at the end of the semester (February and June). Candidates will be notified in writing approx. 2 weeks before the exam is held about the exam date and told which three subject areas they will be examined in. The oral exam lasts about 25 minutes, and the candidate will be questioned in two subject areas by two graders, one from each subject area.

Every term before examination a lecture / information meeting of three hours will be offered regarding how examination is carried out. Students will also have opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum.

The oral exam is pass/fail. The result will be given immediately after the exam is completed.
Examination code(s)
EMS 36181 - Oral exam.

Examination support materials
It is not allowed to bring support materials at the exam. A collection of laws and regulations will, however, be available in the examination room.

Re-sit examination
A resit is held every semester.

Additional information