DRE 6007 Core Issues in Research Ethics

DRE 6007 Core Issues in Research Ethics

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DRE 6007
Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
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Øyvind Kvalnes
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PhD Leadership and Organisation Courses
2020 Spring
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One semester

The purpose of the course is to enhance the doctoral students’ knowledge and awareness about ethical issues they can encounter in research. It is a cased-based course, where the students get opportunities to reflect on concrete ethical challenges they are likely to meet as researchers.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

The students will become familiar with the basic concepts of research ethics: Informed consent, responsible data collection and analysis, individual authorship and co-authorship, norms of collaboration, conflicts of interest, and role conflicts. From moral psychology they will gain knowledge about possible sources of research misbehavior, such as cheating, freeriding, plagiarism, and p-hacking.

Learning outcomes - Skills

During the course, the students will be invited to discuss ethical dilemmas in research, and gain experience in systematic reasoning about their options and choices in such situations. They will be introduced to an ethical toolbox for addressing and resolving ethical disagreement in research.

General Competence

The course aims to give the students an understanding of the societal dimensions of research, and how their work as researchers can have practical impact on organizations and individuals.

Software tools
No specified computer-based tools are required.

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Class participation
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DRE 60071
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Internal examiner with external supervisor
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Exam code: DRE 60071
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