BTH 3620 Bachelor Thesis - Business Administration

BTH 3620 Bachelor Thesis - Business Administration

Course code: 
BTH 3620
Accounting and Operations Management
Course coordinator: 
Tor Tangenes
Course name in Norwegian: 
Bacheloroppgave - Økonomi og administrasjon
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Bachelor of Business Administration - Programme Courses
2023 Spring
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Course type: 
One semester

The bachelor thesis is an independent work in which the student shall address and analyse a problem statement related to business administration. The bachelor thesis is a compulsory part of the programme. It can be written individually or in groups of up to three students, teamwork is recommended.

Learning outcomes - Knowledge

The students shall learn how to carry out an independent research work within a defined timeframe. The students shall acquire knowledge about the problem statement in the thesis, supported by relevant literature. The students shall also learn what is required in order to fulfil scientific requirements to form and content.

Learning outcomes - Skills
  • Be able to identify and select theories and methods that are relevant for the thesis
  • Be able to apply essential theories and methods in order to perform analyses in the thesis
  • Be able to collect, assess and critically interpret relevant information for the problem to be addressed in the thesis
  • Be able to write a thesis that is well-organized and that has a logical structure
General Competence

The students shall develop the ability of critical reflection, which includes an ability to consider a business problem from various perspectives. The students shall also be ethically conscious of fundamental conflicts of interest and corporate social responsibility.

Course content

The theme of the project is of their own choice and must be based on the topics of the programme. A more detailed description of the requirements and frames of the thesis are given in connection with the start-up of the thesis work.

Teaching and learning activities

Students are expected to assume independent responsibility for work on their thesis. Supervision and seminars are based on students being prepared so that they can participate actively in discussions and tutorials. 

The students must fill in a registration form stating the selected topic. They will then be assigned a supervisor. The course duration is one semester and includes both seminars and tutorials. Please see guidelines for writing Bachelor thesis. 

The teaching may include workshops and seminars. For each seminar the students shall prepare and present and/or hand in written material in advance. 

Maximum 3 hours of individual supervision is given for each student group. Individual supervision is extended by 4 hours if seminars and workshops are not offered. Students who have not taken part in individual supervision / seminars must expect to be to be summoned to an oral test.

For theses with quantitative primary data it will be appropriate to use Eviews or other relevant programs for data analysis. Information searches in data bases and on the Internet will be essential for all theses.

Software tools

Higher Education Entrance Qualification


Deviations in teaching and exams may occur if external conditions or unforeseen events call for this.

Required prerequisite knowledge

The thesis is based on knowledge acquired in the programme.

Exam category: 
Form of assessment: 
Written submission
Group/Individual (1 - 3)
1 Semester(s)
Exam code: 
Grading scale: 
Examination when next scheduled course
Type of Assessment: 
Ordinary examination
Total weight: 
Student workload
2 Hour(s)
Particpation at library information session
Seminar groups
10 Hour(s)
Participation at seminars, and/or workshops and/or additional individual supervision.
Prepare for teaching
40 Hour(s)
Preparation for semsianrs, workshops, or individual supervision.
80 Hour(s)
Prepare hand-ins in the case of seminars.
Group work / Assignments
265 Hour(s)
Work on Bachelor Thesis
Feedback activities and counselling
3 Hour(s)
Individual guidance. In cases where seminars and workshops are converted to individual supervision, the number of hours is increased to a maximum of 7 hours.
Sum workload: 

A course of 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 26-30 hours. Therefore a course of 15 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of at least 400 hours.