BTH 2532 Bachelor Thesis - Project Management


BTH 2532 Bachelor Thesis - Project Management

Responsible for the course
Jan Terje Karlsen

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

In combination with the course BST 2531 Project Management, 15 credits, the bachelor thesis represents a specialization in the field of 30 credits. On the final diploma for students on the Bachelor Programme in Marketing and the Bachelor Programme in Business Administration with this combination there will be a note stating that this is a project management specialization.

The thesis is a comprehensive independent study where students will demonstrate that they work on a project- related issue and take complete responsibility for resolving this in a good way.

The thesis is a mandatory part of the programme. The thesis is written in groups of two to three students who collaborate on the project.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge

  • Have knowledge about project concepts, processes, methods and models.
  • Have knowledge so that one can discuss, analyze, evaluate, criticize and conclude the empirical study of the bachelor’s thesis. Have knowledge to be able to connect theory and empirical data to conduct a discussion and make recommendations for the studied project.

Acquired skills
  • Be able use adapted methods, models and tools for the analysis and interpretation of projects.
  • Be able to formulate the problem, collect data, analyze data and present the data in the bachelor’s thesis.
  • Learn how to work in groups, to collaborate, to communicate, etc.

  • Be able to consider different perspectives and viewpoints, compare and draw conclusions.
  • Be able to show critical reflection, creativity and independence.
  • In group participation show commitment, respect for other group members, take responsibility and show behavior consistent with norms, values ​​and rules.

Successful completion of BST 2531 Project Management or similar courses.

Compulsory reading
Askheim, Ola Gaute Aas og Tor Grenness. 2008. Kvalitative metoder for markedsføring og organisasjonsfag. Universitetsforlaget
Gripsrud, Geir, Ulf Henning Olsson og Ragnhild Silkoset. 2010. Metode og dataanalyse : beslutningsstøtte for bedrifter ved bruk av JMP. 2. utg. Høyskoleforlaget

Recommended reading
Andersen, Erling S. og Eva Schwencke. 2012. Prosjektarbeid : en veiledning for studenter. 4. utg. NKI forlaget
Olsson, Nils. 2011. Praktisk rapportskriving. Tapir akdemisk

Course outline
Students are responsible for finding a topic or problem area that is suitable for their thesis within the framework of the relevant field of study or specialization.

Computer-based tools
Students are offered training/guidance in the application of a statistical programme.

Learning process and workload
Students are expected to take a personal responsibility for the work on the bachelor’s thesis. Before each supervision session and seminar it is expected that the students will work to develop a basis for the discussions and the guidance.

Students must fill out a registration form where the theme to be studied is stated. Students are then assigned to a supervisor. The course is conducted during one semester and includes seminars and supervision. Guidelines for writing Bachelor thesis are to be found on the student portal @BI.

The course includes four seminars. For each seminar, students normally prepare and present, and/or deliver material in advance.

Each student group is offered up to 3 hours of individual supervision. Seminar teaching is mandatory. Students who have not participated in the seminars and/or have not submitted documentation must expect to be invited to an oral hearing.

Course structure:
Time use
Participation in the introductory lecture
Participation in a library seminar
Preparation for seminars
Hand-in assignments
Participation in seminars, 4 x 2 hours
Working on the thesis
Total recommended use of time:

During the course the students must hand in a written note and give an oral presentation in one of the the seminar groups that deals with the work on the bachelor thesis. The grade awarded for the presentation is Pass or Fail.

For marketing students:
  • Students should study projects or professional challenges related to projects in organizations performing marketing activities or include marketing-related elements in the thesis.
  • Through supervision, it must be made sure that the content lies within the theme of marketing.
  • A separate 1-2 hour seminar customized for marketing students should be offered.

    The course ends with the submission of a bachelor thesis. Evaluation of the bachelor thesis counts 100% towards the grade. The thesis can be written individually or in groups of up to three students. It is recommended that the thesis is written in groups.

    Examination code(s)
    BTH 25321 Bachelor thesis in Project Management counts 100% of the final grade in the course BTH 25321, 15 credits.

    Examination support materials
    All support materials are allowed.

    Re-sit examination
    In connection with the next regular course.

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