BTH 1704 Bachelor Thesis - Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management

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BTH 1704 Bachelor Thesis - Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management

Responsible for the course
Eirill Bø

Department of Accounting - Auditing and Business Analytics

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

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In combination with the course BST 1703 Logistics Leadership – Supply Chain Management, 15 credits, this Bachelor Thesis will represent a specialization of 30 credits in the field of Logistics. Students from Bachelor of Marketing or Bachelor of Business Administrion wil get an inscription on their Diploma specifying their specailisztions.

Theh Bachelor thesis is a major independent project in which students will demonstrate that they can enter a issue in the logistics discipline and resolve this in an integrated and effective way. Bachelor thesis is a mandatory part of the programme, and can be written in groups of two or three students. In special cases, a student may be granted to do individual work.

Learning outcome
Acquired Knowledge
After completed Bacheloer Thesis students should have:

  • Acquired an understanding of the reality of logistics in business
  • An understanding of the significance of the different roles in the value chain
  • Demostrated an understanding for the business’s position in the value chain

Acquired Skills
Students will be able to prepare a written report on an actual logistical problem connected to a specific company and they shall be able to present a suggested solution which can be related to the whole theoretical logistic framework.

  • Students will be trained so that they can make contact with a firm and establish relevant interest to carry out the bachelor exercise
  • Students will be trained to interpret and understand a problem from a theoretical background

The course requires BST 1703 Logistic Leadership – Supply Chain Management or equivalent.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading
Løwendahl, Bente R. og Fred Wenstøp. 2013. Skriv gode oppgaver!. 2. utg. Cappelen Damm akademisk

Course outline
The students themselves are responsible for finding a relevant subject in the field of Logistics to write about in their Bachelor thesis.

Computer-based tools
Eviews and other relevant programs will be used for data analysis. Information searches in data bases and on the internet will be central to the exercise.

Learning process and workload
Students are expected to take an independent approach to this study. It is therefore expected that students prepare their work as the basis for discussion ahead of the seminars.

Students are obliged to state their chosen study subject on their registration form, of which they will be assigned a tutor. The course duration is one semester including common lectures, 3 seminars and tuoring. Students are supposed to be prepared for lectures and seminars, so that thei can take active part in class by presenting orhand in material. Please see guidelines for writing the Bachelor thesis.

Up to three hours of tutoring is offered each group of students collaborating on the same Bachelor thesis. The seminars are mandatory and students not attending and does not participate according to curriculum must be prepared for oral hearing.

Participation in public lectures 2 x 8 hour
Participation in library information
Preparation for seminars
Work with submissions
Participation in seminars, 3 x 2 hours
Working with Bachelor thesis
Individual counseling
Totalt anbefalt tidsbruk

The project idea and chosen methods must be authorized by the tutor before submitting the Bachelor thesis.

The students will submit their Bachelor’s Thesis at the end of the course.
The Bachelor’s Thesis may be written individually or in groups of up to three students.

Examination code(s)
BTH 17041 - Bachelor's Thesis, counts for 100% towards the grade in BTH 1704 Bachelor's Thesis in Logistics Management / Supply Chain Management, 15 ECTS credits.

Examination support materials
All support materials alloed.

Re-sit examination
Re-examiniation is offered at next scheduled course.

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