BTH 1613 Bachelor Thesis - Applied Macroeconomics

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BTH 1613 Bachelor Thesis - Applied Macroeconomics

Responsible for the course
Terje Synnestvedt

Department of Economics

According to study plan

ECTS Credits

Language of instruction

In combination with the course BST 1612 Applied Macroeconomics, 15 credits, this Bachelor Thesis will constitute a specialization of 30 credits in the subject area. For students on the Bachelor Programme Business Administration with this combination, it will be stated on the diploma that it is a specialization.

The Bachelor Thesis is a major independent piece of work where the students are to demonstrate that they are able to deal with a topic and take overall responsibility for analysing it in a sound way. The Bachelor Thesis forms a compulsory part of the programme. It is completed in groups of up to three students who cooperate on it.

Learning outcome
Acquired knowledge
The students are to acquire knowledge of how an independent study is carried out within a specified time frame. Supported by relevant textbooks and scientific articles the students are to acquire knowledge within the problem area of the paper. Moreover, the students are to understand what is needed to meet scientific requirements regarding form and content.

Acquired skills

  • An ability to identify and choose theories and models that are relevant to the students’ own thesis
  • An ability to apply central theories and models to carry out analyses in the students’ own thesis
  • An ability to collect, assess and critically interpret relevant information on a problem
  • An ability to produce a thesis that is well structured and with a logical structure of its theme

The students are to develop abilities for critical reflection, including an ability to assess a macroeconomic problem from different points of view regarding the economic interests of various groups. The students must also have an ethical awareness of the basic conflicts of interest and target conflicts related to economic policy.

The thesis is based on the academic content of the programme and requires that the students have taken the course BST 1612 Applied Macroeconomics or equivalent.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading

Course outline
The subject of the project must be of the students’ own choice and must be rooted in the academic content of the programme of study. A more detailed description of the requirements and frameworks for the thesis will be provided at the start of the work on the thesis.

Computer-based tools
For theses with quantitative primary data it will be natural to use Eviews or other relevant programmes for data analysis. Searching for information in databases and on the Internet will form a central part of the work on all theses.

Learning process and workload
The students are expected to take independent responsibility for the work on the Bachelor Thesis. Therefore it is a condition that students prepare for supervision sessions and seminars as a basis for discussion and guidance.

The students must complete a registration form where the chosen subject is stated. After that a supervisor is assigned to the students. The course is conducted over one semester and contains both seminars and supervision. See guidelines for writing Bachelor thesis

The teaching includes four seminars. Normally, the students are to prepare for each seminar and give presentations, and/or hand in material in advance.

For each group of students three hours of individual supervision is offered. The seminars are compulsory. Students who have not attended the seminars and/or have not submitted documentation must expect to be called in for an oral hearing.

Attendance at introduction lecture
Attendance at the library’s information session
Preparation for seminars
Preparation of written assignments to be submitted during the semester
Participation in seminars, 4 x 2 hours
Work on the thesis
Individual supervision
Recommended total use of time

    The course is concluded by the submission of a Bachelor Thesis. The assessment of the Bachelor Thesis counts 100% towards the grade. The thesis may be completed individually or in groups of up to three students. The group alternative is recommended.
    Examination code(s)
    BTH 16131 Bachelor Thesis in Applied Macroeconomics counts 100% towards the grade for the course BTH 1613, 15 credits.

    Examination support materials
    All support materials are allowed.

    Re-sit examination
    A re-sit examination is offered in connection with the next ordinary examination.

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