BTH 1141 Bachelor Thesis - Business Development Technology


BTH 1141 Bachelor Thesis - Business Development Technology

Responsible for the course
Ragnvald Sannes

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

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Bachelor's thesis is a major independent project in which students will demonstrate that they can go into a problem and take complete responsibility for resolving this in a good way.

Specialization in Business Development Technology places great emphasis on combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills in using the tools of business development. To support this goal, the bachelor thesis is a practical business-oriented project in which students apply their scholarly knowledge to a specific situation in order to create feasible solutions.

Learning outcome
Through the specialization course and bachelor thesis project students should acquire:

  • Depth knowledge of key theories and models within their project domain
  • Knowledge of methods and processes for business development projects
  • Knowledge of the application of theories, models and methods to a specific situation
  • Knowledge of the relationship between business issues, alternative solutions and expected consequences of those alternatives.
Students are completing the course and thesis to:
  • Identifying and selecting theories and models that are relevant to their own project
  • Apply theories and models to conduct analyzes in a specific project
  • Apply theories and models as a basis for finding good solutions
  • Applying method and process knowledge in a specific project
  • Writing a report documenting the academic and methodological qualities in their project

  • Be able to consider different perspectives and viewpoints in a project
  • Take responsibility for your own project, group collaboration and relationships with external parties
  • Be a constructive and helpful colleague in dialogue with other groups

The bachelor's thesis in Business Development Technology requires that you have completed the corresponding course section or equivalent.

Compulsory reading

Recommended reading

Course outline
Students choose their own topic and project that fit within the specialization.

Computer-based tools

Learning process and workload
Students are expected to accept personal responsibility for the progress of their project. Therefore, in supervision and seminars, discussion and guidance will reflect students own preparations.For each seminar, students normally prepare and present, and / or deliver the material in advance.

The seminars are mandatory. Students who have not participated in the seminars and/or has not submitted documentation must expect to meet in an oral hearing

Each group is offered up to 3 hours of groupwise supervision.

During the fall semester students must deliver project descripton for their Bachelor thesis. A supervisor will be assigned and course is conducted over the spring semester and includes seminars and tutorials. See also Guidelines for writing bachelor tasks. Guidelines for writing Bachelor thesis are to be found on the student portal @bi.

Recommended use of hours

Participation in the introductory lecture
Participation in library information
Preparation for seminars (read, write assignments)
Participation in seminars
Working with the thesis
Individual counseling
Recommended use of hours

The course concludes with the submission of a bachelor's thesis. Evaluation of the thesis counts 100%. A project can be written individually or in groups of up to three students. It is recommended that the task be done in groups.

Examination code(s)
BTH 11411 Bachelor's thesis -Business Development Technology, exam counts 100 % for the grade in BTH 1141, 15 ECTS

Examination support materials
All aids allowed

Re-sit examination
Next ordinary exam

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